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OSM Fencing 2021-2022 Circuit Tournament#4 May 28, 2022 - May 29, 2022
OSM Fencing Club 2021-2022 Circuit Tournament#4. This is the fourth of the series featuring four events: Y10 Mixed Epee, Cadet Mixed Foil, Senior (Open) Mixed Epee, and Senior (Open) Mixed Foil.
OSM Fencing: Victoria, BC
posted 04/22/2022
More Info
OSM Fencing 2021-2022 Circuit
OSM Fencing 2021-2022 Circuit Tournament#4 features four events: Y10 Mixed Epee, Cadet Mixed Foil, Senior Mixed Epee, and Senior Mixed Foil. This tournament is open to the general fencing community but is a training event for all OSM Fencing members (internal club points will be earned at this event for all OSM Fencing members who attend).

*Y10 Mixed Epee
*Cadet Mixed Foil
*Senior Mixed Epee
*Senior Mixed Foil

Event Commencement:
*Senior Mixed Epee - Saturday 10:00AM
*Cadet Mixed Foil - Saturday 11:00AM
*Senior Mixed Foil - Sunday 10:00AM
*Y10 Mixed Epee - Sunday 12:00PM

Registration Fee:
*OSM Fencing members - FREE
*Fencers other than OSM Fencing members - $20.00/event

Uniform Requirements:
All competitors must have a full uniform (min. 350N) including plastron. Chest protector is mandatory for all youth events.

OSM Fencing will have a limited amount of club uniforms, masks, lam├ęs, wires, foils, and gloves available for those needing to supplement their uniform needs.

Mask wires are mandatory for all foil events. Must use weapon-specific mask.

Event Format:
Round of Poules with 100% promotion to Direct Elimination. Finals for both events will be held for the end of the tournament day, 3:00PM (or sooner, depending on progression of both events).

Medals issued to top 4, certificate of placement available for all competitors.

COVID-19 Safety Protocols:
All fencers must wear face mask/covering at all times (except for water breaks), including while fencing. Handshaking is prohibited, tap blades in place of the handshake.

Roadside parking only.

Video and Photography:
In attending this tournament you understand and give permission to appear in photography and video documenting events participating in and/or spectating. Fencers, family members, friends, and spectators are permitted to take video and photography at this event. Please note that the semi-finals and finals of each event will be recorded and available for viewing on the OSM Fencing YouTube channel.

Questions or Concerns:
Please contact the tournament organizer if you have any questions or concerns.