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Cent. FL Div Qualifier for Summer Nationals 2022 May 14, 2022
This event is for Central Fl. Div. Fencers ONLY who plan to compete in Summer Nationals and who are not already qualified. We are currently in Late Registration and only accepting registrations that won't change the fence/don't fence status of each event
Winter Garden Fencing Academy: Winter Garden, FL
posted 04/16/2022
More Info
This event is for Central Florida Division Fencers ONLY who have the desire to compete in Summer Nationals and who have not already qualified.
Events Scheduled:

Y14 Women's EpeeY14 Women's FoilY14 Women's SaberY14 Men's EpeeY14 Men's FoilY14 Men's Saber C & Under Senior Women's Epee D & Under Senior Women's Epee C & Under Senior Women's Foil D & Under Senior Women's Foil C & Under Senior Women's Saber D & Under Senior Women's Saber C & Under Senior Men's Epee D & Under Senior Men's Epee C & Under Senior Men's Foil D & Under Senior Men's Foil C & Under Senior Men's Saber D & Under Senior Men's Saber

This is the Summer Nationals qualifier for the Central Florida Division of the USA Fencing. Event times will be posted 6 days prior to event when registration is closed. Many of these events will not be fenced, so scheduling them is impossible to do prior to registration.

Any event with 3 or fewer fencers registered AND PAID by the deadline of May 7, 2023 will not be fenced - all registrants will qualify (top 3). Any event with 4 or more fencers will be fenced and the schedule will be adjusted to reflect appropriate start times after the May 7 deadline. Please check start times prior to traveling to the venue.

After May 7th, late registration will begin. Fees will be increased by $5. Late registration will be for events that have either less than 3 fencers, and will be limited to those 3 positions AND any event with 4 or more fencers where the event will be fenced.

There will be a fence-off for 3rd place for ALL EVENTS that are fenced as by rules we can send only 3 fencers or 25% of the fencers, whichever number is higher.

Preregistration opens on 04/16/2022.
Preregistration closes on 05/07/2022.
Late Registration closes on at midnight on 05/13/2022.
Late Registration closes by phone to (407) 461-7107 at 9AM on 05/14/2022.