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TFC's May 2022 Fence-a-thon May 15, 2022
Join us for TFC's Fence-A-Thon. USFA sanctioned & ratings awarded. Fee: $50 non-TFC members; $35 TFC members. ** NO Walk-In Registrations ** Registration is not complete until payment is made via link on "More Info" Page "More Info" for COVID Protocols
The Fencing Center of San Jose: San Jose, CA
posted 03/30/2022
More Info
Join us for TFC's May Fence-A-Thon.

USFA sanctioned and ratings will be awarded.

It is recommended that fencers arrive 1 hour before the 'Close Of Registration' time listed in the "Who's Coming' page.

Event Fee: $50 non-TFC members; $35 TFC members;
Registration is not complete until pre-payment is paid.


Pre-payment must be made in advance via the following link:

Please Login as the name of the Fencer.

Your registration will not be approved until pre-payment is made.

You Must be a United States Fencing Competitive Member.

Membership Cards are Required for Self Check-In

Preregistration closes on the Friday before the tournament.

Doors open at 8 am.

Y10/Y12 Mixed Saber
SR. D and Lower Mixed Saber
SR. Open Mixed Saber

Y10/Y12 Mixed Epee
SR. Unrated Mixed Epee
SR. Open Mixed Epee

**If you cannot comply with all of the rules and guidelines, do not register for this tournament.**


## COVID-19 Protocol

We are following all National, State, and local COVID-19 guidelines. There will be no exceptions to COVID-19 safety protocols implemented throughout the tournament.

Changes to the COVID-19 protocols and the tournament may be changed at any time to ensure the safety of all.

* Proof of a Full Vaccination Status is Required (2 Doses + 14 Days), Booster Shots are highly Recommended

* Face masks covering the nose and mouth must be worn at all times in the venue.

* **Check-In:** Entrance will only be allowed through the front doors. The check-in worker will wear a mask. Hand sanitizer will be available at the check-in desk. The competitors will check in via FencingTime kiosk software.

**Fencers will need a current USA Fencing Membership Card with Bar Code (Printed or via Cell Phone).**

* **All Fencers must come dressed** in freshly washed Fencing Uniforms (i.e. fencing pants (breeches), plastron, jacket, chest protector - if using).
_Changing rooms will not be available._

* Everyone will be subject to a temperature check before entering the venue.

* Do NOT come to the competition if you have symptoms of COVID-19 or a fever.

* No shaking hands or touching hands/hugging after bouts. Fencers will be required to Salute and clap blades at the end of the bout.

* No signing score sheets, fencers will visually inspect and approve score sheets.

* Maintain social distancing inside the venue, except while actively fencing on the strip.

* Pool and Strip Assignments will be posted ONLINE to avoid congregation. Wifi will be available so you can follow the live results.

* Registration opens 1 hour before the "Close of Registration" times posted.

* No refunds will be issued for No Shows.

** NO WALK-INS will be accepted at this tournament. **