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WWD Div II/III/Y14 Divisional Qualifier May 14, 2022 - May 15, 2022
This event is the qualifier for the Div II, Div III, and Y14 events at Summer Nationals. This tournament is only open to members of the USFA Western Washington Division. Read the more info page for IMPORTANT information about this year's qualifier.
RCFC (foil & epee) & SAS (saber): Bellevue & Seattle, WA
posted 03/25/2022
More Info
FRED Announces the WWD Division II/III/Y14 Qualifiers
May 14-15, 2022
at Rain City Fencing Center (foil & epee) and Salle Auriol Seattle (saber)

Fencers who want to fence at Summer Nationals in Division II, III, or Y14 must qualify at this event unless they have qualified via other means (such as regional or national points.) In each event, the top 25% (rounded up) will qualify for Summer Nationals, with a minimum of 3. Therefore, if 3 or fewer fencers are registered for an event, the event will not be fenced and all will qualify.

If you are not sure if you are already qualified, speak with your coach. They should be able to tell you whether you need to attend this event or not.

Division II and III will be fenced as a single Division II (C & Under) event and the qualifiers for both Division II and III will be determined from the results.


Registration for the WWD Div II/III/Y14 Qualifier is now closed. No further entries will be allowed and we can now announce which events will be fenced this weekend.

The following events WILL NOT be fenced. All registered fencers in these events will be marked as qualified:

Y14 Women's Epee
Y14 Women's Foil
Y14 Women's Saber
Y14 Men's Epee
Y14 Men's Foil
Y14 Men's Saber
Div II/III Women's Epee
Div II/III Women's Foil
Div II/III Women's Saber

The following events WILL be fenced at the indicated location and day/time. Please note that fencers in these events will be required to pay an additional $10 at the door:

Div II/III Men's Epee - Saturday May 14 at 10am at Rain City
Div II/III Men's Saber - Saturday May 14 at noon at Salle Auriol Seattle
Div II/III Men's Foil - Sunday May 15 at 10am at Rain City

The updated schedule, as well as a list of who qualified for the events that won't be fenced, can be found at


We are implementing the same process for Division II/III/Y14 Qualifiers that we have been using for JO Qualifiers. This process will save everyone time and money. Please read the following carefully.

First, all entries must be pre-registered and paid on AskFred by 11:59 PM on May 9th. NO ENTRIES WILL BE ALLOWED AFTER THE ENTRY DEADLINE.

After the entry deadline, we will send an email announcing the following:

If an event has 3 or fewer fencers that are not already qualified, the event will not be fenced. All of the fencers that are registered will be considered qualified.

If an event needs to be fenced, we will announce where and when the event will be held. Foil end epee events will be held at Rain City Fencing Center and saber events will be held at Salle Auriol Seattle. Events will be scheduled so as to not conflict with the Rain City Open and SAS Pirate Cup also being held on the same weekend.

-------- Entry Fees ---------
All fencers must pay the mandatory $10 registration fee when they sign up on AskFred.

If an event needs to be fenced, each fencer will need to pay an ADDITIONAL $10 in CASH on the day of the event (to cover the cost of hiring referees.)

-------- Tournament Rules --------
Division II/III events are open to fencers born in 2008 or earlier.
Y14 events are open to fencers born in 2007-2010.

Since this is a national qualifier, all competitors must be current competitive or "access" members of the USFA Western Washington Division and US citizens or permanent residents.

Please join or renew your USFA membership online at prior to registering on AskFred.

For events that are fenced, full USFA regulation uniform is required, including plastron, knickers, and knee-length socks. No jeans or sweatpants allowed. Saber fencers must have the 800N glove.

We will inspect and mark masks, lames, body cords, head cords, and gloves. Equipment inspection will be done on the day of the tournament.

Follow this link to pre-register online with FRED: