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2022 SoTxDiv Summer National Qualif May 1, 2022
Texas Fencing Academy is located inside the LifeStorage. The gate code is *8329# or *TFA9#.
Texas Fencing Academy: Austin, TX
posted 03/21/2022
More Info
This event is the qualifier for the Y14, DivII, DivIII events at U.S. Summer Nationals.
This tournament is open ONLY to members of the South Texas Division.

Please park on the left side after the gate.
TFA is the 1st yellow door on your left. Go up the stairs.

Preregistration opens on 03/22/20222
Preregistration closes on 04/25/2022

No walk-ins. Registration has to be fully paid on AskFred.
Fees: $30 registration +$20 per event,
Only one (1) +one admitted on the premises. A parent or a coach not both. The venue is very small and we try to keep everybody safe.


Venue opens at 8:00 a.m.Weapon check start at 8:00 am. 

Close of registration will depend on the number of fencers.

!!! Check for an email few days before the event !!!

Here are the check-in time :
Div2 Saber Women - 9:00 am
Div2 Epee Men - 10:30am
Div2 Saber Men - 10:30 am
Div3 Saber Women - 12:00 pm

If your event is not fenced you do not need to come to the club, you'll be qualified.
However if your are registered for two events one that is fenced and one that is not fenced, please come to the qualifier or you will be scratched for both events.

Div2 Foil Men - Not fenced
Div2 Foil Women - Not Fenced
Div2 Epee Women - Not fenced
Div2 Saber Men - 10:30 am
Div3 Saber Women - 12:00 pm
Div3 Foil Men - Not fenced
Div3 Foil Women - Not Fenced
Div3 Epee Men - Not fenced
Div3 Epee Women - Not fenced
Div3 Saber Men - Not fenced
Div3 Saber Women - 12:00 pm
Y14 Foil Men - Not fenced
Y14 Foil Women - Not fenced
Y14 Epee Men - Not fenced
Y14 Epee Women - Not fenced
Y14 Saber Men - Not fenced
Y14 Saber Women - Not fenced

The South Texas Division annual meeting will be scheduled at an ulterior date.

Hours will be revised depending on the number of registered. We'll try to avoid as much as possible having too many people in the venue at the same time. Make sure you use the right email when registering on askfred.

!!!!!Look for an email the week before!!!!

All competitors must submit a copy of the South Texas Division waiver of liability, covid tracing and consent to treat form by email to
Fencers under age 18 must have a parent's signature on this form.
Masks are required per USA Fencing's policy: 
Temperature check at the entrance.
As soon as a fencer is eliminated he should leave the premises. 
There is no seating area for the plus one. 
Current competitive membership of the USFA required.
Format: Pools, 100% to Direct Elimination

For any event with three or fewer eligible and properly prepared entrants, the organizers reserve the right to declare all entrants tied for first place, without any bouts being fenced.

Athletes are permitted to fence in their Division qualifying competitions only IF:
1) The athlete is a US Citizen OR Permanent Resident and a current competitive/collegiate competitive member of USA
Fencing AND
2) The athlete meets the various qualifying event criteria OR
3) The athlete's birth year falls in that age bracket OR
4) The athlete is on the national rolling point standings in the next younger age bracket

For events where 25% (rounding up) qualify in the divisional qualifying event, for small numbers of competitors, the number qualifying is a larger fraction.

for 1 competitor: 1 qualifies
for 2 competitors: 2 qualify
for 3-12 competitors: 3 qualify
for 13 or more: 25% (rounding up) qualify

If you qualify for DivII during the divII qualifier you do qualify for DivIII.

If you compete in the current season's division qualifying competition for Division II or Division III and are a veteran, you qualify for veteran

This event is part of the USA Fencing National Championships, held each summer. No points are awarded.

If you have any question contact
or Oscar Barrera