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Tom Priester Friendly Team Tournament Jul 16, 2022
MTFC Members Only -- Annual fun foil tournament and social gathering for all ages and skill levels to be run in team format (sign up individually)
MTFC: Lakewood, WA
posted 02/21/2022
More Info
Saturday 7/16/2022
Come around 10 AM and bring some food to eat and socialize
Maybe we will start fencing around 10:30 AM after we form teams
MTFC Members Only
Annual fun team foil tournament and social gathering

You must be an active member of Metro Tacoma Fencing Club (MTFC). Both youth and adult fencers will compete in the same event. A responsible adult is expected to stay as long as a child is still participating in the tournament and is encouraged to help getting the child on and off the strip if needed (we can show you). These events are not rated. This event will be super-fun.

The basic entry fee is $15 per fencer.
Discount of $5 if you use your own electric gear.
Discount of $5 if you preregister on AskFRED.
(If you use your own gear and sign up it is $5)

Referees will not pay entry fees.

If you do not have electric equipment you are welcome to use club gear, but plan to arrive 15 minutes before closing of registration to get fitted. If we are short on electric equipment you will need to share with other fencers who also use electric equipment.

We will conduct our tournament with teams of 3 that are chosen in some fair, fun, or random way. Team captains who are the top fencers in the tournament will be separated to different teams. Fencer strength will be based on USA Fencing National Points Standing (regardless of age group), highest rating in any weapon, referee certification, and/or shoe size. Teams will be balanced as much as possible. The rounds will be self-directed. Standard USA Fencing team rules will apply. We will fence in a team relay format (going to 45 points total).

Depending on the number of teams we may be able to hold 3 rounds lasting approximately 1 hour each to fence off each position. Final format will be determined by the number of teams.

Thomas Priester, PhD. Tom joined Metro Tacoma Fencing Club in 1999 as a successful three weapon fencer. He was one of our volunteer coaches who enjoyed working with our younger fencers and share his expertise, insights, and stories. He would routinely attend open fencing and was happy to fence anyone and everyone in the club. After his heath slowed down his fencing, he would still come to the club to eat chicken dinner, socialize, and talk to both fencers and parents. His sister wrote about him, "My brother Tom was super kind and gentle. He had a keen intellect and a quirky sense of humor. He had great friends." His brother George spoke fondly of him, "Tom was notoriuously cheap. And for him to include this club in his will shows how much it meant to him." Tom passed away in 2021. He was incredibly generous to Metro Tacoma Fencing Club throughout his entire life and even after he passed. We will miss this gentle soul and his presence at the club. To help celebrate his memory and spirit of community, we will plan to host an annual "Tom Priester Friendly Team Tournament" in which we have a chance to fence and socialize just as Tom would have done.

If you want to come and socialize with or without fencing please do. Feel free to bring your lunch (unless COVID disappears lunches and socialization will be in the outside area). Chicken dinners encouraged.

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