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Binghamton University March Math Match Invit. Mar 26, 2022
Fencers must be from colleges with approved vaccine policy. $15+$10/additional weapon ($10+5, BUFC fencers). BUFC registration deadline: 3/22/22, all others 3/25/22. Medals to Top 3 with Special Award to any fencer medalling in all 3 events.
Binghamton University East Gym: Vestal, NY
posted 01/25/2022
More Info
In honor of Pi Day (though a bit late since that falls during our spring break), and mathematician Paul Erdős, born, 3/26/1913, Binghamton University fencing club is celebrating the wonderful world of abstract thinking and reasoning with the March event in our invitational series. Don't worry, we won't quiz you on it, though ;) ...

Live Results:

The March Math Match Invitational will be part of the Binghamton University Invitationals Series, and results will be included in the Point Standings available at under "Binghamton University Invitationals". While Fred only calculates points by gender category, the final tabulations at the end of the year will be treated as a single mixed list.

Fencers must be affiliated with colleges or universities with approved COVID-19 vaccine/testing policy.
$15 for first event, $10 per additional weapon ($10+5, BUFC fencers).
Binghamton University Fencing Club members must register by 3/22/22, all others by 3/25/22.
Medals and Themed Prizes to Top 3 (there will be a fence-off for third) with Special Award to any fencer medalling in all 3 events.
Events Scheduled:
Senior Mixed EpeeSenior Mixed FoilSenior Mixed Saber
Preregistration opens on 01/25/2022.
Preregistration closes on 03/25/2022.