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Kaizen Academy Beginner Cookie Challenge Day Jan 15, 2022
Kaizen Academy beginner class student's Challenge Day of the month. Everyone comes away with a cookie!
Kaizen Academy: Redmond, WA
posted 01/08/2022
More Info
Come fence in a fun fencing format where everyone wins a cookie!

The format is a standard pool to direct elimination. Picking of the prizes will happen like this. As you are eliminated, you pick up a bag of cookies from the table. The farther you progress in the tourney, the less choices of cookies until there is only one bag of cookies for the winner.

------------------ Important Info: -------------------
Tournament: Kaizen Academy Beginner Cookie Challenge Day
Date(s): 01/15/2022
Location: Kaizen Academy LLC, 9620 153rd Ave NE, #A5, Redmond, WA 98052

Cost: $30/event + 1 bag of cookies (a dozen or so)
Kaizen Academy members: $10/event + cookies

These are all unsanctioned events. Students are encouraged to wear full fencing kit. This is meant to prepare new students so they know what a fencing competition is like.

Events Scheduled:
Y10 Mixed Epee 12:15 PM
Y12 Mixed Epee 12:15 PM
Y14/Cadet (U16) Mixed Epee 2:15 PM
Junior/Adult Mixed Epee 2:15 PM

Preregistration opens on 1/8/2022.
Preregistration closes on 1/14/2022.