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IL. Div. Junior Olympic Qualifiers Dec 19, 2021
Junior Olympic Qualifiers for Cadet (U17) and Junior (U20) MS,MF,ME,WS,WF, & WE. Have proof of membership, age, citizenship or green card.Entry fee $30 per event.$10 late fee/event
Fencing Center of Chicago: Park Ridge, IL
posted 11/10/2021
More Info
Junior Olympic Qualifiers for Cadet (U17) and Junior (U20) MS,MF, ME, WS, WF, & WE .
Entry fee $30 typer event. Late fee at door of $10. Please have proof of membership, age and if not a US citizen please have green card because it is a national championship qualifier. Any questions email

Events Scheduled:

Cadet (U17) Women's Epee
Cadet (U17) Women's Foil
Cadet (U17) Women's Saber
Cadet (U17) Men's Epee
Cadet (U17) Men's Foil
Cadet (U17) Men's Saber
U20 & Below Women's Epee
U20 & Below Women's Foil
U20 & Below Women's Saber
U20 & Below Men's Epee
U20 & Below Men's Foil
U20 & Below Men's Saber

Preregistration opens on 11/11/2021
Preregistration closes on 12/17/2021

Events where only one fencer have registered, the fencer must pay the related fee and be physically present at the close of registration for that event.

USA Fencing Membership must be “Competitive”. You will be required to complete this prior to being allowed to fence.

Fencer's USA Fencing Membership card must show "Y' in the Age Verified space. If not a copy/photo or original government issued document showing birthdate will be required in order to fence. This includes but is not limited to birth certificate, passport, drivers license, or school record.

Fencers who have pending registrations will need to pay on AskFred prior to close of registration if they wish to use a credit card. Payment at the door will require a cash/check and a $10 late fee per event.


Covid-19 guidelines restrict our venue to 50 people. This will be monitored and enforced.

Check-in will begin ½ hour prior to the close of registration for each event.

As this is a qualifying event, we cannot estimate the number of fencers that will register at the door.

Spectators will be limited to one person (parent/coach) if they are 17 or younger.

There may be times that spectators may be asked to leave the venue due to our exceeding our limits with fencers and staff.

Once a fencer has been eliminated from the event, they and any related spectator should leave the venue as soon as possible.

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.