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SYC Preparation Dec 11, 2021
Fencers must be competitive members, or participating in their first tournament as a noncompetitive Member, of USA Fencing. This is a preparatory Youth tournament for the Austin SYC.
Fencing Institute of Texas, Inc.: Carrollton, TX
posted 10/25/2021
More Info
FRED Announces the SYC Preparation

Fencers must be competitive members, or non-competitive members participating in their first tournament, of USA Fencing. Events will be separated by age groups and gender as much as possible, but allowing pools of 6-7.

The National Office allows a non-competitive fencer to participate in one local tournament to see if they enjoy the competition. The National Office maintains this information in your membership profile. Once you participate in a local tournament, your profile is flagged. If you participate in additional tournaments during the season, you will receive a bill from the National Office for a membership upgrade to competitive.

------------------ Important Info: -------------------
Tournament: SYC Preparation

Date(s): 12/11/2021 [NOTE] This is the same weekend as the December NAC.

Location: Fencing Institute of Texas, Inc.
1000 West Crosby Road, Suite 134
Carrollton, Texas 75006
(972) 242-0399

Event | Date | Registration Closes
Y10 Mixed Epee | Sat 12/11| 12:00 PM
Y10 Mixed Foil | Sat 12/11| 11:30 AM
Y10 Mixed Saber | Sat 12/11| 10:00 AM
Y12 & Y14 Mixed Epee | Sat 12/11| 2:30 PM
Y12 & Y14 Mixed Foil | Sat 12/11| 1:30 PM
Y12 & Y14 Mixed Saber | Sat 12/11| 12:00 PM

Medals will be awarded to the top 4 men and women in each event.

Please register early so we know how many referees to hire. If you are interested in refereeing, contact Brenda Waddoups at

All standard equipment checks will be performed (mask, lame, cords, gloves). Format will be 1 round of pools, 100% promoted to a direct elimination tableau.

If there are enough fencers (at least 6 in each group) to make a men's and women's event, or separate into additional age groups (Y12 and Y14) we will do so. If not, separate awards will be given to men and women; separate awards will not be given to Y12 and Y14 if they are fenced in one group (Y12/14).

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Preregistration closes on 12/09/2021
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