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New Jersey Junior Olympics Qualifier - Cadets Nov 14, 2021
This Junior Olympics Qualifier tournament - Cadets only is open only to members of the New Jersey Division. Regular registration fees until November 8, 11:59 pm. Late registration begins on November 9 and is in effect until Friday, November 12, 11:59 pm.
Cobra Fencing Club: Jersey City, NJ
posted 10/08/2021
More Info
This Junior Olympics Qualifier tournament is open only to members of the New Jersey Division to qualify for USA Fencing's Junior Olympic Championships scheduled to take place on February 18-21, 2022 in Salt Lake City, Utah. This qualifier is for Cadet events only--the Juniors event is on November 7, 2021.

Regular registration fees until Monday, November 8, 11;59 p.m. ($20 registration fee, $30 event fee). Late registration ($40 registration fee, $60 per event) begins Tuesday, November 9 and ends on Friday, November 12, 2021, 11:59 p.m.

The Cadet Qualifier Tournament will be held at Cobra Fencing Club
629 Grove Street, 4th Floor
Jersey City, NJ 07302

If interested in refereeing, e-mail All referees must be USA Fencing credentialed (USA Fencing Safesport trained and passed their background check).

Please read the information below before registering.
Make sure your e-mail is correct in the FRED system - This is the only way we have to communicate with you. If you do not get a confirmation when you register, your e-mail is not correct. By registering in this tournament, you agree to share your registration information with USA Fencing.

Sunday, November 14, 2021
8:30 a.m. Cadet Women's Foil (U17)
9:00 a.m. Cadet Men's Foil (U17)
10:30 a.m. Cadet Women's Epee (U17)
11:00 a.m. Cadet Men's Epee (U17)
1:30 p.m. Cadet Men's Sabre (U17)
2:00 p.m. Cadet Women's Sabre (U17)


Preregistration closes on Friday, November 12, 2021

This qualification tournament is for New Jersey Division fencers ONLY who wish to qualify for the Junior Olympics in the Under-17 age groups. Fencers must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the United States and current competitive members of USA Fencing.

Those who fence in the New Jersey Division Junior Olympics Qualifier must be either residents of Essex, Morris, Hudson, Somerset, Hunterdon, Union, Bergen, Passaic, Sussex, Middlesex, Monmouth, Warren, Mercer, and Ocean Counties or be a member of a registered New Jersey Division Club located in the listed counties for the 2021-2022 fencing season.

You must have a current USA Fencing membership or join USA Fencing at the tournament. You must show your USA Fencing card or have proof that your membership payment has been made. Because this is an age restricted event, if your birthdate is not verified on your USA Fencing membership card, you must bring proof of birthdate, for example, passport or birth certificate.

Qualifying for Junior Olympics
The top 25% of the competitors in each event qualify for the Junior Olympics.

Cadet (U17) age group: Fencers must be born in 2005 through 2008. A fencer born after 2008 can fence in the Cadet (Under 17) Championships qualifying tournament, if the fencer is on the National Y14 (U14) point standings at the time of the entry deadline for that tournament.

Here is the link to the USA Fencing National Points List:

If you are on the National Points list and wish to fence up in your age category please email the organizer BEFORE the posted deadlines for permission to register.

For more information about the qualification paths for the Junior Olympics via regional points, please refer to page 32 of the 2021-2022 Athlete's Handbook.

Sanctioning and Format
This tournament is sanctioned by the New Jersey Division of the USA Fencing. The format for each event consists of a round of pools with 100% promoted to the direct elimination round. There is no fence-off for third place if there are at least 13 fencers in the event.

Check-in deadline times are subject to change. Please plan to arrive at least 60 minutes before each posted deadline for equipment check.

All fencers are required to comply with the USA Fencing standards for uniforms and equipment. Each fencer must bring at least two functional weapons, two body cords, and two mask cords for foil and sabre that meet USA Fencing requirements. Testing of weapons will be done on strip. There are no exceptions to the attire and equipment rules. Fencers should arrive at the venue dressed in whites as changing in the rest rooms WILL NOT be permitted.

Armorers will test the mask, lame jacket or vest, gloves, (800 Newton glove mandatory for saber) and body and mask cords. All lame materials (mask, bib, jacket, vest, sabre glove or manchette) will be tested for conductivity. Items that have passed inspection will be specifically marked.

Entry Fees
On time registration is $20 registration, $30 event fee and ends on Wednesday, November 8, 11:59 p.m.
Late registration starts on November 9, 2021
The late registration fee is $40 registration fee, $60 event fee, and ends on Friday, November 12, 11:59 p.m.

There are no exceptions to this policy.


Please make sure that you have an email listed on your askfred registration in case the event organizers need to contact you.

Fencers are considered registered when their names appear on the "Who's Preregistered?" list on the askFred listing for this tournament. You are not fully registered if your name appears as "incomplete" in this listing. It is your responsibility to ensure your registration.

There will be NO reminder emails sent to competitors that are registered without completed payments. It is your responsibility to be aware of the registration deadlines.

NO REFUNDS AFTER Friday, November 12, 2021.

There will be no medal ceremony. Fencers can pick up their medals as they leave the venue. Medals will be awarded for 1st through 3rd place for each event.

REFUNDS: Refunds will be issued on event fees only. Refund requests must be received by November 12, 2021. Refund checks are mailed 4 to 6 weeks after the tournament.

Covid 19 Protocols and Restrictions
Each fencing competitor is allowed ONE (1) “plus-one” that does not include their coach for example, a parent or guardian. Two coaches are allowed per club. No other spectators are allowed to attend this tournament. The organizer reserves the right to amend the plus one rule in order to remain in compliance with the State of New Jersey's current indoor gathering regulations.

• Self-monitor and be symptom-free for at least 14 days prior to tournament. Stay home if you have had close sustained contact in last 14 days with anyone who was sick or known or believed to have COVID-19. Stay home if you are sick or do not feel well.

• Wash and sanitize all your fencing equipment. Consult the manufacturer for proper cleaning instructions to avoid possible damage to equipment.

• Fencers should come to the tournament already dressed in freshly washed fencing uniform as changing in bathrooms may not be permitted.

Everyone attending is required to wear personal face coverings (approved by USA Fencing) over the nose and mouth at all times while inside, including fencers under their fencing masks while fencing.Mask must cover nose and mouth. There is no exception to this requirement. We cannot accommodate those with conditions that would preclude wearing a mask, so anyone unable to wear a mask should stay home. Please see the paragraph below from USA Fencing's Best Practices for the Resumption of Local Events regarding acceptable personal face coverings.

All attendees at USA Fencing tournaments will be required to wear a mask at all times, including athletes during competition. Face coverings must be two-layer cloth masks or surgical face coverings. Single-layer gaiters, bandannas, masks with vents and the Leon Paul mask or shield or similar face coverings are not permitted. Athletes who do not comply with this policy will not be allowed to compete. Other individuals, including spectators and coaches, who do not wear a mask or face covering will be assessed a Group 3 penalty for “any person not on strip disturbing order” which includes a yellow card warning for the first infraction and a black card resulting in expulsion from the venue for a second infraction. There will be no exceptions, for athletes or any other tournament attendee, to the mask mandate.

Allowance is made to remove the personal face covering briefly in order to drink liquid or eat a snack at the venue. If a fencer or “plus one” cannot wear a face covering for any reason, they should not register or attend the tournament.

Food and water must be brought by the fencer. No food or water will be provided or sold at the tournament.

Social distancing at the venue will be required.

There will be salutes in place of handshakes after every bout.

Fencers should refrain from screaming or shouting after touches.

Fencers and plus-one’s should familiarize themselves with the USA Fencing Health & Safety Best Practices for the Resumption of Local Events here:

Important Date and Deadlines:
Monday, November 8, 11:59 pm: Last day to register and pay regular fees
Tuesday, November 9, 12 midnight. Begin late registration period
Friday, November 12, 11:59 p.m. End late registration period. NO ONE will be permitted to register for this tournament after this date, and there are no walk-ins. Last day to request a refund (via email only to of tournament fees.
Sunday, November 14, Tournament Day.