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2021 Lobster Pot Fencing Tournament & Flea Market Oct 16, 2021
See more information page for details. Contact: John Krauss,Down East School of Fencing 207-974-8461(cell/text/facebook Messenger)
Jewett School & Community Center Gym: Bucksport, ME
posted 10/06/2021
More Info
Sponsored by Down East School of Fencing & the Northeast Division USFA

2021 Lobster Pot Fencing Tournament & Flea Market

Events scheduled for Saturday, October 16, 2021:
(See Eligibility below for more info.)
Check-in Times:
10:00 AM - Mixed Unclassified Saber (Open to all fencers rated as Unclassified)

11:00 AM - Mixed Unclassified Epee (Open to all fencers rated as Unclassified)

11:30 AM - Y14 (Born 2007 - 2010) & Youth Development Foil (Practice)

1:00 PM - Mixed Unclassified Foil (Open to all fencers rated as Unclassified)

2:30 PM - Mixed B & Under Foil (Open to all fencers B and Under)

IMPORTANT!! COVID-19 Procedures at DESF Tournaments:
The State of Maine strongly recommends, and USA Fencing requires all persons (including parents and spectators) to wear COVID-19 masks and social distance at sanctioned fencing tournaments indoors. DESF will require all to wear masks properly and submit to a temperature check at check-in. If you are feeling sick on the day of the event, please stay home. Times of events have been adjusted to minimize numbers in the gym. We will attempt to ensure additional ventilation for fresh air flow by opening outside doors to the gymnasium.

USA Fencing Events Eligibility (as per USA Fencing Rules):
Must be a USA Fencing Member or Canadian Federation Member and events are conducted with electric gear.

You can join USA Fencing at the tournament or on-line at New !!: A new membership type has been created this year called an "Access" membership for those who are only fencing local events during the season (Information about Memberships at: Recommended that you renew your membership before the tournament on-line. Present your printed membership card when you check-in. Joining at the tournament using a paper form requires an extra $10 processing fee.

Please review the USA Fencing Age Class Chart for eligibility in all events:

About DESF hosted events:
USA Fencing Sanctioned Events: B, Y14, Youth Development (See below)
B Events - Must be born 2008 or earlier. In any tournament where children can fence with adults, the fencer must be 13 by January 1 of the competition season (August - July).
Y14 Events = Fencers with Birth Years: 2007 - 2010 may participate.
B Events = B,C,D,E & Unrated fencers may participate.
Mixed = Men & Women combined.
Sanctioned fencing and electric gear is required for all USA Fencing Events.

DESF Practice Events:
>> Y10 Youth Foil held at the same time as the Y14 Foil event at this tournament.
Y10/Y12 Youth Development Practice Events = Fencers ages 11 and younger may participate.
Teen Practice Event = Fencers ages 12 - 16 may participate.
Adult Practice Events = Fencers ages 17 and older may participate.

Youth Development Practice Round Robins: DESF practice tournaments for youth. This format is designed to assist youth to have a fuller learning experience at fencing tournaments and to address youth events that have had historically low turnouts. The format involves fencers as volunteer mentors to assist in creating bouting opportunities for youth with the goal of developing a stronger local field of youth fencers. For more information, contact DESF at or 207-974-8461 (cell/text).

DESF Practice Round Robins (Adult/Teen): These events may be conducted non-electrically with judges, or with electric equipment depending on availability. These events are sponsored by DESF as practice events for new fencers, or fencers who are fencing for fitness and enjoyment. For more information, contact DESF at or 207-974-8461 (cell/text).

Pre-registration & Entry Fees:
USA Fencing sanctioned events:
Proof of membership for the USA Fencing sanctioned events:
Please show your USA Fencing membership card at check-in for proof of membership. All official members must be on the USA Fencing on-line members list by the date of the tournament. Those without proof of membership or not on the list will need to fill out a written membership form with payment information. You may join on-line at the event at:

Entry fees:
$20 per event at the door. $15 per event if you register on Ask-FRED by the close of pre-registration on Friday, 10/15/21 by 9:00 PM. These fees only apply to DESF hosted tournaments.

Youth Development & Novice events: $15 per event per person.

Courtesy of pre-registration is highly encouraged, but those wishing to register at the door are welcome. When appropriate, incentives (i.e., discounted entry fees) will be offered to encourage additional participation in low turnout events to increase fencing opportunities. The tournament manager reserves the right to determine the type and amount of these incentives on an individual event basis.

Medals for the top three finishers will be given for each event. Any classifications in USA Fencing Events will be awarded according to USA Fencing tournament rules and conditions:

Fencers this season (2021 - 2022) will receive points for attendance and placement at our DESF tournaments toward an end of the season prize (Down East Season Point Challenge). Please inquire regarding details of the system. Rules and standings will be posted at each tournament.

The Fencing Flea Market:
DESF will provide tables for a flea market for fencing equipment. Fencers are welcome to bring used or new equipment they wish to trade, sell or donate. Price your own items, or John will be available to help you price any used equipment if you need assistance. Please ensure that the equipment you sell is clean and in good shape. If you are not sure if your used equipment is in good condition, bring it anyway, and we can evaluate its condition. Important: Please provide contact information (name, telephone, e-mail) at the table, so that buyers may be in touch with sellers. Many new fencers may be looking to purchase used equipment for the first time. Contact information is important in case the buyer will want to contact the seller directly.

G.H. Jewett School Gymnasium
66 Bridge Street
Bucksport, Maine 04416
Parking is behind and across street from school. Entrance is behind the building. Look for DESF road signs on School Street to direct you.

Tourist Info: Venue very near to Bucksport Harbor Walk, Downtown, Fort Knox, Penobscot Narrows Bridge and Observatory.

Special thanks to Bucksport YMCA for hosting this event. The USFA Events above are sanctioned by the Northeast Division USFA. See for a listing of Northeast Division events (Search Northeast Division for Tournaments). Youth Development and Novice events are hosted and sponsored by Down East School of Fencing.

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Contact and host club:
John Krauss
Down East School of Fencing

Weather/Tournament Updates: