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E and Under Senior - Epee, Foil Oct 17, 2021
This tournament is open to all Senior E and Under fencers. You may fence in both events. First event is $40, $20 second event. $10 walk in fee.
South Denver Fencing Academy: Centennial, CO
posted 09/22/2021
More Info
This tournament is open to all Senior Unrated fencers. You may fence in both events.

Events Scheduled:
E & Under Senior Mixed Epee
E & Under Senior Mixed Foil

Preregistration closes on 10/15/21.


Masks – Everyone must wear a cloth mask fully covering nose and mouth while inside the club other than drinking and eating. No exceptions will be made including during fencing. If you will not be able to keep a cloth mask on the whole time you are in the building, do not come. Neck gaitors and bandanas are not permitted.

FENCERS MAY BRING A PLUS ONE. Clubs please send one coach.

Doors will be opened 45 minutes prior to each event.

Check In – All memberships will be verified prior to the tournament. Fencers must have current competitive membership in USA Fencing or be competing in their first tournament as a non-competitive fencer.

Equipment Check – Will be held in the hallway outside the club. Armourer will be wearing mask, face shield and gloves. He will sanitize the gloves after handling each fencer’s gear.

Fencers are encouraged to use a strip bag only. Spaces that are 6’ apart are marked out in the front area of the club. Once those 8 spaces are taken, the remaining fencers will be allowed to take their strip bag into one of the fencing rooms as long as they keep it close to their chair.

Chairs will be appropriately spaced out around each fencing room and must stay where they are placed. Chairs will be wiped down between events.

Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the club.

Bout Committee – Will wear mask.

Referees – Will wear mask.

All postings will be online via FencingTimeLive, there will be no paper postings. Referee will show the score sheet to each fencer for verbal approval.

Containers of wipes will be placed at each end of the strips for fencers to use to wipe down the reel plugs as desired.

Fencers will not shake hands, but appropriately acknowledge their opponent at the end of each bout with a small bow or gentle tap of blades.

Awards – Awards will be given out in the bigger fencing room with 6’ between the fencers.