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Wasatch Cup Four Dec 4, 2021
The Wasatch Cups consist of 4 tournaments with events for fencers of all ages and abilities. Except for the Fun Cups, all events are sanctioned by US Fencing. For details, go to the More Info link on for each tournament.
Wasatch Fencing: Kaysville, UT
posted 09/09/2021
More Info
The Wasatch Cups consist of 4 tournaments with events for fencers of all ages and abilities. Except for the Fun Cups, all events are sanctioned by US Fencing.

Registration, Tournament Fees, and Check-in
Posted times on are when check-in closes.
The cost is $10 per event paid on There is no registration fee.
Regular registration ends the Thursday before the tournament. Same-day registration is $20 per event.
There are NO refunds unless the event is canceled.
Call or text 801-923-8293 if in route but late due to weather or traffic (we will do our best to accommodate, but no promises)

US Fencing Membership Requirements and Eligibility
All E Under, D & under, Youth 11/12, and Open events require a US Fencing Access or Competitive membership. All 10 & Under Fun Cups require a US Fencing non-competitive membership.

Age Requirements
E & Under, D & Under, Open, - 13 and older
Youth 12 & Under - 12 and 11, and experienced 10 year olds with coaches approval
Fun Cups - 10 and under

Equipment Requirements
Fencers must wear a full fencing uniform consisting of mask, chest shield, plastron, jacket, knickers, glove, and long socks. There will be an equipment check for masks, lames, gloves, and body cords. Equipment check will open one hour before the first event. We highly recommend that fencers have two working weapons at the strip at all times.

Wasatch Fencing will supply equipment to club members at no charge. Wasatch Fencing will have a supply of equipment to rent or buy at each tournament.

Event Awards
Medals for top 8 finishers for events with 16 or more fencers
Medals for top 4 finishers for events with 8 to 15 fencers
Medals for top 2 finishers for events with 7 or less fencers
Events with less than 4 fencers will be canceled

Cup Awards
Gryphon Cup - Top point holder in each weapon: Open
Eagle Cup - Top two-point holders in each weapon: D & Under
Lion Cup - Top three-point holders: 11/12 youth
Wasatch Cup - Top three-point holders who fence multiple open weapons events
Fun Cup - Participation medal for youth, 10 & under

Event Formats
All 11/12 Youth, E & Under, D & Under, Open and Veteran events are sanctioned by US Fencing and adhere to US Fencing Rules. The format will be one round of pools with 100-percent of fencers advancing into a single direct elimination round.

Fun Cups are unsanctioned and designed to introduce 10 & under fencers to competition. While US Fencing rules will be followed, fencers will fence two pool rounds using weighted seeding and a running 3-minute clock. While each point will be awarded, no score will be announced or recorded. Coaches are allowed to coach between each point quietly.