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Odyssey and EWA Fencing Epee Tournament Nov 13, 2021
Join us for our FIRST tournament!
Odyssey Preparatory Academy: Goodyear, AZ
posted 08/26/2021
More Info
Join us for our FIRST tournament!

Events Scheduled:
Senior Mixed Epee
E & Under Mixed Epee
Unrated Youth Mixed Under 14 yr Epee
Senior Mixed Team Epee

Preregistration opens on 08/26/2021.
Preregistration closes on 11/13/2021.

Membership: You must have a competitive USA Fencing membership to be eligible to compete. Be aware of the new 'Access Membership' that USA fencing is offering this year which is $25 and allows you to compete locally all season.

Masks and gloves will be inspected.

All events will be self refereed and when fencers are refereeing they will be considered to have all the authority of a dedicated ref.

Format: All events will be fenced in the standard format of pools to direct elimination.

Cost: $25 cash only please. This fee applies irrelevant of how many events in which you participate.

COVID Protocols: As of 8/2 USA Fencing has confirmed that there is a mask mandate at USA Fencing sanctioned events. This space will be updated when we receive confirmation for November.