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Swords of September 3 Weapon Open Sep 26, 2021
$50 Gift Cards to 1st Place Finishers. First 2 As & First 2 Bs Free Registration. (must email organizer) Prizes to Top 8. $50 Registration Fee. Doors Open 8:30AM See More Info Page for Details
Salle Palasz: Catonsville, MD
posted 08/03/2021
More Info
$50 Gift Cards to 1st Place Finishers. Prizes to Top 8.

First 2 A Rated Fencers in Each Weapon will receive free registration. The first two B rated fencers or the next two A rated fencers will also receive free registration. Please email when you register if you are an A or a B so we can track when you register. The free registration will only be applied if you have emailed. Registration and email must be complete by 9/19 to receive the free registration. If an additional A rated fencer preregisters before a B rated fencer, the A rated fencer will be given one of the B-rated fencer free slots.

$50 Registration Fee.

Doors Open 8:30AM. Do not enter more than one hour prior to your event's close of registration.

One spectator permitted per fencer.

Registration fees may be paid by cash, paypal transfer, or check payable to Academies of Fencing.

Referee observations will be available at this event. Please email to arrange to be observed.

Events Scheduled:
Senior Mixed Limit to 28 Fencers Epee
Senior Mixed Limit to 28 Entries Foil
Senior Mixed Limit to 28 Fencers Saber