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Neil Lazar ROC (Div1A, Div2, Vet) Sep 25, 2021 - Sep 26, 2021
Regular fee entry deadline Thursday, Sep 9. Late fee entry (triple) Sep 10-18. Current USA Fencing membership required in order to register. All registrations taken through your membership profile at
Floyd Little Athletic Center: New Haven, CT
posted 07/29/2021
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If interested in refereeing, e-mail Cheryl at Only referees who are nationally rated, safe-sport-approved, and have background screen passed will be considered (Safe Sport and Background not needed if under age 18).

If you have questions e-mail Cheryl at

The Neil Lazar Regional Open Circuit (ROC)
Div 1A, Div2, Veteran
September 25-26, 2021

Registration opens August 5, 2021, at 12 PM Eastern Time and closes September 18, 2021, with regular and late fee periods as noted in "Registration and Event Fees" below.

This tournament is subject to Connecticut laws and orders regarding COVID-19, including assembly of persons. If any circumstances arise that would preclude safe running of this event, this tournament can be cancelled at any time. Should tournament cancel, any refund of fees is subject to USA Fencing. There will be no exceptions to any COVID-19 safety protocols implemented throughout the tournament. We will be following federal, CDC, and USA Fencing guidelines and regulations regarding COVID-19 based on pandemic status at the time. We will communicate with fencers via email prior to the tournament. If you cannot comply with Infectious Diseases guidelines do not register for this tournament.

• All events will be capped and entry is on a first-come first-served basis – no exceptions. Caps may be adjusted depending on registrations in each event. Once the event cap has been reached fencers will be placed on a wait list. Wait lists will also be cleared on a first-come first-served basis.

• In each ROC category competitions will award points to the top 40% of the competitive field (rounded up to the next higher integer) to a maximum of 64th place, using the point tables for regional competitions found in the Athlete Handbook. These points may qualify D1A, DV2, DV3 and Veteran ROC fencers to the USA Fencing National Championships in D1A, DV2, DV3, and Veteran. Only the best 3 results, in each respective category, count towards the point total. For qualification path details refer to chapter 2 in the Athlete Handbook. The ROC point standings are not used for seeding National level tournaments. Only ROC events award regional ranking points.

• Classifications can be earned, if USA Fencing criteria met.



Floyd Little Athletic Center (located in Hillhouse High School)
480 Sherman Parkway
New Haven, CT 06511

There will be one entrance/exit point to enter the building, accessed through the parking lot area (Crescent Street). You cannot enter through the Sherman Avenue doors.

• Less than 15 minutes from I-95
• 60,000 sf venue, rubberized flooring surface
• Upper mezzanine for spectators
• Free parking
• Air-conditioned

Covid guidelines regarding spectators and coaches will be announced. You must abide by and comply with all safety measures required by the tournament organizer. Fencers are allowed one person to accompany them (this person does not include coaches). Clubs will be allowed 2 coaches in attendance. Anyone (fencer or spectator) refusing to comply with safety protocols will be escorted from the venue. If you cannot comply do not register for this tournament. Stay home if you are sick or do not feel well. Infectious Diseases protocols are strongly recommended, including:

• Wash and sanitize all your fencing equipment. Consult the manufacturer for proper cleaning instructions to avoid possible damage to equipment.
• Come to the tournament already dressed in freshly washed fencing uniform. Changing in bathrooms may not be permitted.
• Everyone in the venue may be required to wear a surgical or cloth mask covering nose and mouth, even under fencing masks.
• Social distancing is encouraged.
• Spectators should remain in designated seating areas.
• Fencers should remain in designated seating areas and not congregate in groups.
• Refrain from contacting other participants and attendees (handshakes, body contact, etc.)
• Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your elbow if you cough or sneeze.
• Avoid touching your face, eyes or mouth with unclean hands.
• Do not share equipment such as weapons, body cords, fencing masks, gloves or uniforms, with others.


Follow live results, pool assignments, strip assignments, etc. at: There will be no public monitors in the venue; information access will be through your cell phone.



• All events will be capped and entry is on a first-come first-served basis – no exceptions. Once the event cap has been reached fencers will be placed on a wait list. Wait lists will also be cleared on a first-come first-served basis. Direct any questions regarding capping to USA Fencing National Office.
• Events are open to current USA Fencing competitive members and age-eligible to fence.
• Fencing generally commences 15-30 minutes after close of check-in, or as tournament conditions permit. Arrive sufficiently early to be ready to fence when registration closes and pool set-up is complete.
• Venue opens at 6:30 a.m.
• Full equipment check required. Fencers must have appropriate armory inspections marks upon presentation to the strip.

*Event times are subject to change

8:00 Div 1A ME
8:00 Div 1A WE
8:30 Div 1A MS
11:00 Div 1A WF
12:00 Vet WE
12:00 Vet ME
1:00 Div 1A MF
3:30 Vet MS
3:30 Div 1A WS

*Event times are subject to change

8:00 Div 2 WE
8:00 Div 2 ME
8:15 Div2 WF
8:30 Vet WS
10:30 Vet MF
12:00 Div 2 WS
12:00 Vet WF
1:30 Div 2 MF
3:30 Div 2 WS


Registration is through USA Fencing using your Membership Profile.

Registration and USA Fencing fees are nonrefundable

REGULAR ENTRY fee/registration/payment period: Until September 9, 2021: $35 registration fee plus $55/event
LATE ENTRY fee/registration/payment period: September 10-18, 2021: $105 registration fee plus $165/event

WAIT-LISTED ENTRY: Once the tournament has filled to the capped amount a wait list will begin. When an athlete withdraws from the event the next person on the waitlist will then have 24 hours to officially register for the event and pay event fees.


There will be no exceptions to this policy.

• Registration and USA Fencing administration fees are nonrefundable.
• Requests for event fees refunds will only be honored if received prior to midnight on September 18, 2021. USA Fencing will issue refund to credit card used for the registration. You must send notification of withdrawal and request for refund to FENCERS WHO WITHDRAW THEMSELVES WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR A REFUND.
• On tournament day, fencers arriving after close of check-in will be withdrawn from the competition, and no there will be no refund of entry fees for any reason. No refunds for no-shows.


** Liability waiver - Upon entering this tournament you agree to abide by the current rules of USA Fencing and other applicable rules instituted by Floyd Little Athletic Center, Candlewood Fencing Center (CFC) and Connecticut Division. You agree to abide by all health safety protocols instituted for this tournament. You acknowledge you are entering this tournament at your own risk and release USA Fencing and its sponsors, Candlewood Fencing Center, Floyd Little Athletic Center, and any tournament/facility staff from any liability, even if due to negligence. With entry you give consent to tournament organizers to obtain medical care from any tournament medical staff, licensed physician, EMS personnel, hospital or clinic for any injury or illness that may arise during activities associated with this tournament. Photography, filming, recording, or any other form of media of the athlete during the tournament can be used by Candlewood Fencing Center and USA Fencing. Those wishing to opt out of media coverage must inform the Bout Committee.**

• Valid USA Fencing membership card with bar code is required for contactless check-in. Cards can be printed from your USA Fencing membership profile page or downloaded to your phone.
• Event entry is determined by 2021-22 USA Fencing Birth year requirements.

• See current point standings at:


Blue Gauntlet Fencing Gear:


There will be full equipment check. Additional armorer services will be available (for fee).


We encourage you to bring your own water, as there may not be access to public water. Water is available for purchase. Food concession provided by Floyd Little Athletic Center and may be limited.


Bout Committee: Jeremy Goun, Cheryl Delaney, George Janto
Head Referee: Adam Brewer
Head Armorer: Eli Boling
Referees: All referees are nationally rated, safe-sport approved, and background screen cleared.


• Equipment check required.
• Y10 fencers must fence with blades no longer than 32.5 inches.
• Must have at least two working weapons and two body cords present on-strip.
• Full USA Fencing regulation uniform required. Name is NOT required on uniform. Foil mask with conductive bib required. 800N Saber glove required. t.15 1. Fencers arm, equip and clothe themselves and fence at their own responsibility and at their own risk.
• USA Fencing rules apply.
• Ratings can be awarded if criteria met.
See USA Fencing ratings chart at:

All tournament information will be posted on-line only at There will be no paper posting or video monitors in the venue. Fencers are responsible for ensuring accuracy of all posted information and must report errors to the bout committee immediately. This includes club affiliation, division, classification, date of birth, gender, spelling of name, etc . Errors in posted pool results must be reported to the BC immediately (within 5 minutes). Once DE round starts and tableau is posted, the pool results are final and no adjustments will be made. Check all scores before leaving the strip. Fencer signature on pool sheet and DE slip implies accuracy.

Each event consists of two rounds (pools and DE (direct elimination):
1) Pools: One preliminary round of 5 and 6 or 6 and 7 person pools comprised of the standard 5-touch bout in 3 minutes. 100% then advance to direct elimination round.
2) Direct Elimination: DE tableau shall be comprised according to the results of the preliminary pool round.
Div1A/Div2 DE format: 15-touch bouts (three 3-minute periods with a 1 minute break between).
Veteran DE format:: 10-touch bouts (two 3-minute periods with a 1 minute rest between periods).

• No fence-off for third place; Medals awarded to 8th place (awarded to top 3 in events with 18 or less fencers). Two third-place medals awarded.
• Photography and filming is allowed, however NO flash photography is allowed near ongoing competitions.

Withdrawal during pools: The pools must be fenced through the last bout. A fencer who withdraws, or who is excluded, is scratched from the pool, and his results are annulled as if he had not taken part.

Withdrawal during DE: When for whatever reason a fencer cannot fence or cannot complete his bout, his opponent is declared winner of that bout. A fencer who withdraws does not lose his place in the overall classification of the competition.


New Haven Hotel
229 George St
New Haven, CT 06510

La Quinta New Haven
400 Sargent Dr
New Haven CT 06511

Omni Hotel
155 Temple St
New Haven, CT 06510

Marriott Courtyard Orange
136 Marsh Hill Road
Orange CT

Candlewood Fencing Center
272 White Street, Danbury, CT 06810

With two convenient locations in Danbury and Norwalk, we are Connecticut's oldest and most decorated fencing club, and we are so honored to have been recently ranked the highest in Connecticut by National Fencing Club Rankings' list of "Best Fencing Clubs"! We know our success is all thanks to you, our community, for allowing us to serve you and the fencers in your family, and for that we thank you! From our little Musketeers to our World Team Members, National Champions and many NCAA Recruits, we are dedicated to each individual that walks through our door. We offer personally tailored instruction for individuals and groups of all ages to ensure each student's learning, growth and fun in a nurturing environment.

Neil Lazar (1920-2012)
Neil Lazar was involved in fencing since 1937. He was well-known in the sport of fencing, was a fencing master, and had a tremendous influence on fencing in New York, where he was years ahead of everyone else in the colored uniform trend. He was a member of the 1948 Olympic saber squad, and in 1952, 1956, and 1960 the Olympic foil squads. He coached at Salle Santelli, in Westchester high schools, and at CCNY. Among his former students were Tom Ciccarone, Craig Cummings, and Uriah Jones. In 2001 he was inducted into the US Fencing Hall of Fame.