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Novice Practice Tournament (UNSANCTIONED) Aug 1, 2021
Pittsburgh Fencers Club: Pittsburgh, PA
posted 07/20/2021
More Info
PFC will be holding an Unsanctioned event, as a practice tournament, for those with little to no experience. This is for unrated fencers, ideally who haven't competed before. We'll have officials, and prizes for our winners!

We still have some covid restrictions, in order to best protect our fencers who haven't yet been vaccinated:

1) Masks must be worn in the club at all times. If fencers need to take their mask off and catch their breath, we ask them to go outside to do so. If fencers need to eat, we again ask they step out of the room to do so.

2) We will be allowing one spectator per fencer inside the club itself, to watch. Our space is small though, so we would ask spectators to be outside if there isn't fencing to watch.

3) We will be capping this event at 21 fencers. Please remove yourself from the event if you pre-registered but don't plan to attend.

Fees will be $25/fencer.

Parking is in The Factory lot, or on Meade Street if the lot is full.