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TFC's June 2021 Fence-A-Thon Jun 20, 2021
Join us for TFC's Fence-A-Thon. USFA sanctioned & ratings awarded. Fee: $40 non-TFC members; $25 TFC members. ** NO Walk-In Registrations ** Registration is not complete until payment is made via link on "More Info" Page "More Info" for COVID Protocols
The Fencing Center of San Jose: San Jose, CA
posted 05/18/2021
More Info
Join us for TFC's Three Weapon Fence-A-Thon.

USFA sanctioned and ratings will be awarded.

Fee: $40 non-TFC members; $25 TFC members

Registration is not complete until pre-payment is paid.


TFC will accept proof of both Vaccines + Two weeks as the entrance to the tournament without a COVID Test. If you have no Vaccines or only 1 or just recently got your second shot, you will still need a Negative Result on a COVID Test.

If you are near TFC, here is a good place to get a COVID Test.


Pre-payment must be made in advance via the following link:

Please Login as the name of the Fencer.

Your registration will not be approved until pre-payment is made.

No walk In Registrations!!!!!!!

You Must be a United States Fencing Competitive Member.

Membership Cards are Required.

Preregistration closes on the Friday before the tournament.

Doors open at 8 am.

## Please Note: This Tournament will only happen if Santa Clara County is in the Orange Tier or better. For More info, visit [Santa Clara County's Website] (

## **Out of State Guests** Santa Clara County, CA has updated the Covid Guidance which adds a __10-day Quarantine__ for any and all Out Of State guests.

**If you cannot comply with all of the rules and guidelines, do not register for this tournament.**


## COVID-19 Protocol

We are following all National, State, and local COVID-19 guidelines. There will be no exceptions to COVID-19 safety protocols implemented throughout the tournament.

Changes to the COVID-19 protocols and the tournament may be changed at any time to ensure the safety of all.

* Proof of a Negative Resulting COVID test (Any type) within the **7 days of your event** is required upon entry.

* **Coach, parents, or spectators will not be allowed into the venue.**

* Face masks covering the nose and mouth must be worn at all times in the venue. 

* **Check-In:** Check-in for our tournaments will be performed in front of the club. Hand sanitizer will be available at the check-in desk. The competitors will check in via FencingTime kiosk software. **Fencers will need a current USA Fencing Membership Card with Bar Code (Printed or via Cell Phone).**

* **FENCING BAGS** To limit contact between participants, fencing bags will be allowed and keep extra stuff to a minimum.

* **All Fencers must come dressed** in freshly washed Fencing Uniforms (i.e. fencing pants (breeches), plastron, jacket, chest protector - if using).
_Changing rooms will not be available._

* Everyone will be subject to a temperature check before entering the venue. 

* Do NOT come to the competition if you have symptoms of COVID-19 or a fever.

* No shaking hands or touching hands/hugging after bouts. Fencers will be required to Salute and clap blades at the end of the bout.

* Athletes shall refrain from shouting and/or screaming after scoring a touch. During the fencing, fencers will receive yellow/red cards for this behavior based upon the “disturbing order” rule.

* No signing score sheets, fencers will visually inspect and approve score sheets. 

* Maintain social distancing inside the venue, except while actively fencing on the strip.

* Pool and Strip Assignments will be posted ONLINE to avoid congregation. Wifi will be available so you can follow the live results.

* Registration opens 1 hour before the "Close of Registration" times posted.

* No refunds will be issued for No Shows.

** NO WALK-INS will be accepted at this tournament. **

Y10/Y12 Combined Mixed Saber
SR. Unrated Mixed Saber
SR. Open Mixed Saber

Y10/Y12 Combined Mixed Epee
SR. Unrated Mixed Epee
SR. Open Mixed Epee

Age Criteria for Open Events:

The USA Fencing Board of Directors has ruled that for any USFA competition that is not specific to an age group, an athlete must be at least 13 years old as of January 1 of the fencing season. The exemption to this rule applies to any fencer who is younger than 13 on January 1 but who is listed on the latest National Junior Point standings; then that fencer is allowed to compete in the USA Fencing competitions not specific to an age group. The athlete must meet any other criteria stated for that competition. Examples of such non-specific competitions are: "Open", "Unclassified", "A" competitions, "C" or under competitions, Team competitions of any category unless specified for juniors or similar age restricted category.