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Nevada Div. Qualifiers for JO's and Summer Nat. May 16, 2021
Junior, Cadet and Div2/3 combined events to qualify for 2021 Summer Nationals and Junior Olympics. Start times for the events are at 12:00 noon for Div 2 men's epee and 1 pm for Jr. Men's epee. NO WOMEN'S EVENTS. All are qualified.
Las Vegas Fencing Academy: Las Vegas, NV
posted 04/30/2021
More Info
More Info
Junior, Cadet and Div2/3 combined events to qualify for 2021 Summer Nationals and Junior Olympics.
***Dates of fencing will be SUNDAY May 16***

Pre-registration is required to determine number of referees needed for the event. For those who need to qualify, you must pre-register and pay on BY MAY 15TH! There will be registrations taken at the door but will be triple fees for both entry and event. We are enforcing this date to give us opportunity to obtain the correct number of referees.

We also ask that you only enter this tournament if you are serious about competing in the Summer Championships in Philadelphia, PA (over July 4th week). Please do not enter if you are already qualified through a different pathway (see the qualification paths in the Athlete Handbook on the USA Fencing website).

If you are unable to pay on Askfred, contact the Division Treasurer,Fred Chung, before the due date of May 15th, or mail a check to him with the following information:

Fencer Name
Event(s) registering
Classification for that weapon (U if unrated)
Birth Year
Club you represent
USA Fencing Member Number
Contact information (phone, email, etc.)

Include a check for $30 registration plus $25 per event payable to NEVADA DIVISION USFA. Mail to: Fred Chung, 2641 Harbor Hills Lane Las Vegas NV 89117.

Fencers must be competitive members of the Nevada Division, USA Fencing, US Citizens or Permanent Resident representing the US. Foreign nationals, and fencers who have represented another country in the last 3 years, are not allowed to participate as they are not allowed to fence in US National Championships.

EVENTS WILL BE HELD MAY 16 (SUNDAY); Only two events are being held that need to be fenced. All others are qualified events. If you entered into any other event other than the two that need to be fenced then you are qualified. the two events that need to be fenced are below.

Events Scheduled:

Junior Men's Epee 1:00 pm
Senior Men's Div 2/3 Epee 12:00 pm

Preregistration opens on 04/30/2021.
Preregistration closes on 05/15/2021.

If there are 3 or fewer registered for an event, we will not fence that event and all registered will qualify; you must pay registration and event fees. To be registered, you MUST pay for your event either on Askfred or by mailing a check to the Division Treasurer by May 10th. Div Treas. is Fred Chung,text him your questions at 702-493-9033. In some cases, we will have to fence off for third place (4 or more fencers). At least 3 qualify up to 25% rounded up.

We are still under COVID restrictions and will be required to adhere to social distancing and the wearing of COVID masks at all times inside the venue and while fencing. There are no plans by the National Office to remove the COVID mask requirement while fencing for this entire season.

If you have already qualified, please do not register for the event you are qualified. This will help us meet COVID restrictions. If you have any doubts about your qualification, check chapter 2 of the Athlete Handbook: You may also contact membership at the National Office, USA Fencing. For many of you, your qualifications are already noted in your member profile on the USA Fencing website.

If you qualify for Junior, you become an automatic qualifier for Cadet. Those who qualify for Cadet by placing in the top 25% of the Junior event may be reimbursed for their Cadet entry fees and do not have to return to fence in the Cadet event. Junior events are always fenced before the equivalent Cadet event.

Age Eligibility

Division 2/3 Birth Year 2007 or earlier
Junior Birth Year 2001-2007
Cadet Birth Year 2004-2007

Division II & III will be run as a single combined event for each gender and weapon. Results will be separated for the purposes of qualification. Division II fencers ratings are limited to C, D, E, U; Division III fencers ratings are limited to D, E, U. USA Fencing Athlete Handbook Section 2.6.4 explains how qualifiers are determined for combined events.

If a fencer is on NATIONAL POINTS for the next lower age group, they do not have to meet the birth year requirement. For Division 2/3 events, fencers who do not meet the birth year eligibility must be on Junior National Points list for that event. Askfred will not allow you to register if you do not meet the age criteria. Contact Raquel Yumiaco (Div Sec.)@ 702-338-2025 (text)for help registering.

Las Vegas Fencing Center


$30 Registration
$25 per Event

The Division will follow USA Fencing recommendations concerning fencers, Plus 1, and Coaches. Each fencer will be allowed to designate one other person to enter the venue as their Plus 1. Each Club will be allowed to designate 1 Coach per weapon/event. No other persons will be allowed inside the Venue. An email will be sent to the fencers registered on askfred with a COVID declaration form so ensure your email address is correct. Temperatures will be checked at the entrance. As soon as a fencer is eliminated they should leave the premises. There is no seating area for the Plus One.

All events will be fenced as pools with 100% advancing to Direct Elimination round. Medals will be awarded to the top 4 finalists.

Please review this More Information Page periodically as information may be added or changed.

If you are interested in refereeing, please contact Frank Van Dyke @ 702-443-3454 (text)