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WAY Foil M & W separate Y8, 10, 12/14 + OPEN Jun 13, 2021
Foil men's and women's events but maybe combined if necessary. Read more info section for details. $40 WAY members $50 non-way members additional events $20 Pay here
Way of the Sword Fencing : Ridgefield, CT
posted 04/19/2021
More Info
Updated June 11, 2021

Events are sanctioned. Events will for both men and women but we will combine if necessary to make a stronger pool.

Masks required 100% of the time. Fencers will be given a designated chair separated by 6'from anyone else.

Medals to the top 4 or 8 depending on event size. Historically 15+ competitors but this can change based on age. We do NOT give out "participation" medals.

$40 for WAY members
$50 All others

Use this link to pay in advance via Venmo, Zelle or Credit card.

Documented COVID Plan
with pictures and video found at:

Here is what we are doing to keep this safe, and sustainable.

-If you are sick or have any symptoms of sickness alert us and then stay home. We'll refund you in full with 24 hr. advance notice.

- each fencer will be assigned a dedicated area 6' apart from anyone else. Fencer will be given a chair and must remain seated until called to their strip to bout then return to their seats. Wandering will not be permitted. Pictures

-parents and coaches are welcome to stay

- Saluting required before and after each bout but no contact

-hand sanitizer stations throughout the studio to be used upon entry and exiting

-USFA valid competitive membership regulation uniform w/socks, minimum two body cords, and weapons)

-covered outdoor seating will be provided

-studio cleaned and sanitized after each event (ya it's a lot of work)

You must pay in advance to reserve your seat. Use this link:

Certified Ref's wanted all 3-weapons: