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Arizona SN/JO Qualifiers May 16, 2021
Join us for the Arizona Division Qualifier. Now with COVID precautions.
Phoenix Fencing Academy: Tempe, AZ
posted 04/15/2021
More Info
This tournament is only open to Arizona fencers.

Events will only be run if they contain four or more fencers. Events start times will be delayed as necessary to accommodate previous events of the same weapon/gender.

**Payments are cash or check only.**

Fees (Checks should be made Payable to Arizona Fencing Division):

$20 - Entry fee for first event
$10 - Entry fee for each additional event
$20 - Late fee at door (to avoid this preregister online)

Masks gloves and, if applicable, lames will be inspected.

** COVID Protocols **

1) Everyone in the building must wear a face mask covering their nose and mouth, unless eating or drinking, this includes fencers on strip.

2) Everyone entering the building must be screened by the COVID officer for temperature and recent indicators of illness. Anyone with a fever of or over 100, or with signs and symptoms of respiratory illness will be sent home and not allowed to enter the building. If you answer affirmatively to having been exposed to someone with COVID in the last 14 days you will be asked to provide evidence of either a subsequent negative COVID test or vaccination, otherwise you will not be admitted.

3) Everyone in the building must be at least 6' apart except for brief incidental periods. If the number of people in the building exceeds what the COVID officer thinks is reasonable, people may be rotated outside at her discretion. Priority will be given to fencers and coaches.