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Salle De Long Two Blades Apr 10, 2021
Salle De Long Two Blades tournament is back in action and open to ALL fencers that want to sharper their skills in Foil and/or Epee, in youth and senior categories.
Salle De Long Fencing Center: El Paso, TX
posted 04/02/2021
More Info
Come and fence at Salle De Long Fencing Center in Foil and Epee. Great local tournament for youth and senior fencers. USFA non-competitive and competitive fencers are welcome.

Events Scheduled:
Senior Mixed Foil
Senior Mixed Epee
Youth 14 and under Mixed Foil


8 am Senior Mix Foil
10 am Youth 14 and under Mix Foil
12 pm Senior Mixed Epee

Salle De Long Fencing Center is located at 3525 Pershing Dr. El Paso, TX. 79903

$20 for registration and first event + $5 for the second event if you preregister on Ask Fred prior to the tournament.
Payment at the venue:
$30 for registration and first event + $5 for the second event if you register at the venue the day of the tournament.

Age Group for 2020-2021

Youth 10 born between 2010-2013
Youth 12 born between 2008-2011
Youth 14 born between 2006-2009
Cadet born between 2004-2007
Junior born between 2001-2007
Senior born between 2007 - earlier
Veteran 40-49 born between 1972-1981
Veteran 50-59 born between 1962-1971
Veteran 60-69 born between 1952-1961

COVID-19 Safety Precautions:
The temperature and oxygen level intake is checked at arrival and departing time.
Everyone must wear a face mask inside the facility (face masks available for sale at $5). Face masks MUST be changed every day of practice.
Coaches and students wear a face mask under the fencing mask during fencing practice and bouting.
Everyone engaging in any fencing activity must wash their hands and/ or used hand sanitizer before, during, and after practice or competition.
Each student is assigned his/ her own fencing gear (mask, glove, and uniform) and must be taking it home weekly to be washed.
The student is responsible for his/ her own electrical equipment and must be taken home after every practice and competition.
Athletes should bring their own personal bottle of water (water fountain ONLY available for refill). Bottle of water available for $.25
The parents should drop students and picking them up at the front entry.
A limited number of people is allowed in the waiting room. During a tournament, a fencer is allowed to bring one guest to the event.
Stay home if you are feeling sick.
The fencing center and equipment get cleaned daily: before, during, and after practice.

For more information contact Margaret De Long at

Preregistration opens on 04/01/2021.
Preregistration closes on 04/10/2021.