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San Diego SN & JO Qualifiers 2021 May 16, 2021
This is a qualifying event and will only be open to San Diego Division fencers. All registrations must be complete (paid) by close of registration. No Walk ins will be allowed.
Lionheart Fencing Acdaemy: San Diego, CA
posted 03/30/2021
More Info
San Diego Summer National Qualifiers 2021

[UPDATE 5/12] We have finalized the schedule for our events. As well, please find COVID guidelines for our venue below

9:00a - D2/3 ME (9)
9:00a - D2/3 WE (4)
11:00a - D2/3 MS (7)
11:00a - JR WF (4)
12:30p - JR ME (9)
2:30p - D2/3 MF (7)
3:00p - CDT ME (8)

For all entering the premises: Temperature check and Answering CDC
Covid questions, and wearing of snug-fitting, full nose and mouth
covering face masks at all times (except while eating/drinking
outdoors) is mandatory.
Changing rooms will not be available, so fencers must come in their
full uniform.
Chairs will be placed on the floor in designated locations to allow
for social distancing do not move them! Any violators will be escorted
out of the building. No personal chairs or alternative seating options
are allowed on the floor. No congregating.
After your event is finished, you and any of your observers must leave
the building. If you have an upcoming event, you may warm up inside
for the 30 min prior to your event.

Fencers 17 and under may be accompanied by ONE person, whether it's a
parent, coach, etc.
Fencers 18 and over may not bring an additional person. However, if
several adult fencers from the same club would like a coach, they will
be permitted one coach per club.
Everyone in the venue must wear a face mask that covers nose and mouth
except when drinking (observers and and those not fencing must take
all food and drink outdoors). Always remember to practice social
No food or drink (other than water) allowed in the fencing designated
area. You may eat outdoors only.

[UPDATE 5/8] We have a prospective schedule of events based on current entrants. This may change on 5/10.

9:00a - Div2/3 Men's Epee (10)
9:00a - Div2/3 Women's Epee (4)
11:00a - Div2/3 Men's Sabre (6)
11:00a - Junior Women's Foil (4)
12:30p - Junior Men's Epee (7)
3:00p - Div2/3 Men's Foil (8)
3:00p - Cadet Men's Epee (5)

[UPDATE 4/29] We have combined JO Qualifiers with SNQs so that we will no longer conflict with the June NAC.

Deadline to register has been extended to 5/9

[UPDATE 4/26] There is no divisional qualifying path for Y14 in the 2021 Summer Nationals. We will not be holding Y14 events.

All fencers who intend to participate must complete their pre-registration by the deadline (5/9).

After the deadline, any fencer pre-registered for an event with 3 or fewer participants will automatically qualify, and will not have to appear on 5/16.

Events with 4 or more fencers pre-registered will be held on 5/16.

Please check the special qualifying criteria for your events at the link below before registering

Events Scheduled*:
9:00a - Div2/3 Men's Epee (10)
9:00a - Div2/3 Women's Epee (4)
11:00a - Div2/3 Men's Sabre (6)
11:00a - Junior Women's Foil (4)
12:30p - Junior Men's Epee (7)
3:00p - Div2/3 Men's Foil (8)
3:00p - Cadet Men's Epee (5)

*schedule may change on 5/10

Preregistration opens on 03/30/2021.
Preregistration closes on 05/09/2019.

This event is for members of the San Diego Division only that are also USA Nationals or Permanent Residents and have not represented any other country in International competitions.

Tournament Format:
Standard - Single round of pools, 100% promotion to single Direct elimination table, with a fence-off for third.

Please consult the USA Fencing Athlete's Handbook for the rules on qualifying.

There will be certificates for fencers who qualify for their respective events.

All local COVID regulations will be observed at the event.

Equipment Check:
Full equipment checks will be in effect for this event. Lames, bodycords, masks, and gloves will be checked. Gloves with holes, rips, tape or loose seams will not be approved.

Please help us run the events even smoother by volunteering. Fencers and supporters alike will benefit from learning the process from start to finish. This knowledge will assuredly give you a competitive edge.

If you'd like to be an official referee, time keeper or floor judge for an event, please contact us as well.

Mask and glove checks are mandatory. Current USA Fencing rules will be applied.

Foreign Fencers with a current Fencing License from their National Federation or with an FIE License will be allowed to fence, but are not covered by USA Fencing Insurance and fence at their own risk. It is recommended that you do get an USA Fencing competitive license to be fully covered, but also to record your results and rating

Tiradores de otros paises pueden participar si muestran su licencia Nacional o con una licencia FIE. Pero no estan cubiertos por el seguro de la Federacion de los Estados Unidos y participaran bajo su propio riesgo. Por esa razon, es muy recomedable que obtengam una Licencia Competitiva de EE.UU. Para que esten cubiertos en caso de accidente y al mismo tiempo les permite registrar sus resultados y conseguir un �rating�.

Bout Committee:
Chris G and David H.

Live results will be posted:

Extra information:
San Diego Fencing Division