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AAU / Fencing League of America - April Clash! Apr 10, 2021
This event is licensed by the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and the Fencing League of America (FLA) All fencers must hold a valid AAU membership The event will be held a 2 locations simultaneously SMC & OFA. Official FLA/AAU ratings will be awarded.
Sword Masters Club / Orlando Fencing Academy: Orlando, FL
posted 03/27/2021
More Info
This event is licensed by the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and the Fencing League of America (FLA), all fencers must to hold a valid AAU membership.

The ratings will awarded by Fencing League of America including youth events.
Medals will be awarded all the way to 8th place.

PLEASE NOTE: This event will happen in two locations simultaneously.

ALL EPEE events will be held at Sword Masters Club
425 S. Avalon Park Blvd. Suite A1-B, Orlando FL, 32828
(321) 246-3850

ALL FOIL events be held at Orlando Fencing Academy
2153 W. Colonial Dr, Orlando FL 32804
(407) 203-4369

Events Scheduled:

EPEE EVENTS- Sword Masters Club
Y10 Mixed Epee, 12 Mixed Epee, 14 Mixed Epee, Cadet (U17) Mixed Epee, Junior (U19) Mixed Epee,

FOIL EVENTS- Orlando Fencing Academy
Y10 Mixed Foil, YY12 Mixed Foil, YY14 Mixed Foil, Cadet (U17) Mixed Foil, Junior (U19) Mixed Foil

Preregistration opens on 03/27/2021.
Preregistration closes on 04/08/2021.

Due to the current COVID-19 situation and in compliance with local guidelines, tournament capacity is reduced, we will be checking participants and spectators temperatures. Also, we would kindly ask those of you with symptoms to stay home.

Wearing a mask is mandatory inside of venue.

With more than 40 sports, 750,000 members and 134 years since its inception, AAU is the largest and the oldest sports organization in the world.
AAU/FLA is heavily focused on youth athletes and making the sport accesible for all, regarding of their financial circumstances or limitations.

Policy Update: SMC in our endeavor to keep fencing a respectable sport, is enforcing a zero tolerance for poor behavior from fencers/coaches/spectators. Any disruptive, poor, and/or unsportsmanlike behavior will result in black cards issued and removal for the premises. We thank you in advance for your cooperation in keeping this an enjoyable and awesome sport for everybody.

** Liability waiver - Upon entering this tournament you agree to abide by the current rules of USA Fencing/Safe Sport and other applicable rules instituted by SMC. You acknowledge you are entering this tournament at your own risk and release USA Fencing and its sponsors, SMC, referees, and staff from any liability. With entry you give consent to SMC to obtain medical care from any licensed physician, hospital or clinic for any injury or illness that may arise during activities associated with this tournament. **

*** PHOTO/VIDEO RELEASE - By registering not this tournament you agree and hereby consent to the recording of statements, photographs, and/or audio or video recordings taken of the Minor or you by SWORD MASTERS CLUB, LLC. o or its contractors. All statements, photographs, and/or audio or video recordings taken of the Minor or you by SWORD MASTERS CLUB, LLC or its contractors, shall be the sole property of SWORD MASTERS CLUB, LLC Neither the Minor nor you shall receive any compensation in connection with use of these statements, photographs, and/or audio or video recordings for promotional, commercial or other purposes. On behalf of the Minor and yourself, you hereby release, waive and discharge any claims of any kind or nature arising out of or relating to the use of the statements, photographs, and/or audio or video recordings against SWORD MASTERS CLUB, LLC or any person or firm authorized by SWORD MASTERS CLUB, LLC to publish said materials (“Publisher”), Such release, waiver and discharge shall also extend to all affiliated companies, shareholders, directors, officers, employees, agents and assigns of SWORD MASTERS CLUB, LLC and any Publisher. This Release shall be binding upon the Minor and yourself, and any respective successors, heirs, assigns, executors, administrators, spouse and next of kin.