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Oasis Fencing Inaugural Tournament Apr 24, 2021 - Apr 25, 2021
Join Oasis Fencing for our first tournament!
Oasis Fencing: Tucson, AZ
posted 03/22/2021
More Info
Welcome to Oasis Fencing's first tournament and the first sanctioned tournament in Arizona since the pandemic began!

Event Schedule:
April 24th - Epee
10:00 am - Senior Mixed
1:00 pm - Senior Division III Mixed
1:30 pm - Senior Division I Mixed

April 25th - Foil
9:00 am - Senior Mixed
11:00 am - Y12 Mixed
11:30 am - Junior Mixed

Event Cap: Each event will be capped at 42 competitors. This will enable us to avoid flighting pools and eases the pressure on keeping everyone socially distant.

Location: Oasis Fencing - 1520 E Broadway Blvd Tucson AZ 85719. Parking may be limited in front of the building, if so there is plenty of space in the back.

Membership. You must have a USA Fencing membership to be eligible to compete. Generally this would require a competitive membership however this year USA Fencing has made it so members with a non competitive membership can compete in one USA Fencing tournament per season. Given that you probably have not competed in a tournament yet this season you probably still have this option available to you. Additionally if you have not previously held a competitive membership and you purchase on after April 1st it will be good for the remainder of this season and all of the next, this only applies to those who have not previously had a competitive membership.

Masks gloves and, if applicable, lames will be inspected.

Epee events will be self refereed and when fencers are refereeing they will be considered to have all the authority of a dedicated ref. I'm still figuring out how to do the refereeing for the foil event but we have several good referees attending.

Cost: One day is $30 or $20 for OF members, a second day is $10. This applies irrelevant of how many events you participate in.

COVID Protocols:

1) Everyone in the building must wear a face mask covering their nose and mouth, unless eating or drinking, this includes fencers on strip.

2) Everyone entering the building must be screened by the COVID officer for temperature and recent indicators of illness. Anyone with a fever of or over 100, or with signs and symptoms of respiratory illness will be sent home and not allowed to enter the building. If you answer affirmatively to having been exposed to someone with COVID in the last 14 days you will be asked to provide evidence of either a subsequent negative COVID test or vaccination, otherwise you will not be admitted.

3) Everyone in the building must be at least 6' apart except for brief incidental periods. If the number of people in the building exceeds what the COVID officer thinks is reasonable, people may be rotated outside at her discretion. Priority will be given to fencers and coaches.

Please bring your own seating so we don't need to share seats and so if you need to cycle outside you have something to sit on.

Bout Committee:
James Fowler
Stephanie Fowler (COVID Officer)
Emily Perkins-Ollila