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17th Annual Will Fence for Food - Saber Jun 19, 2021
The 17th annual Will Fence for Food tournament,will be held over 3 Saturdays to comply with COVID prevention policies. Epee - Saturday, April 17 Foil - Saturday, May 22 Saber - Saturday, June 19 Each Tournament has a separate sign-up.
Wasatch Fencing: Kaysville, UT
posted 03/18/2021
More Info
The 17th annual Will Fence for Food tournament will be held at Wasatch Fencing in Kaysville, Utah, over three Saturdays to comply with COVID policies. Wearing a face mask under fencing masks is required. Face masks are required at all times in our facility. Each event is limited to 25 fencers.

Epee - Saturday, April 17
-Youth Epee - Unsanctioned
-Senior Open Epee - Sanctioned
-Div 3 Epee - Unsanctioned
-Open Veteran - Unsanctioned

Foil - Saturday, May 22
-Youth Foil - Unsanctioned
-Senior Open Foil - Sanctioned
-Div 3 Foil - Unsanctioned
-Open Veteran - Unsanctioned

Saber - Saturday, June 22
-Youth Saber - Unsanctioned
-Senior Open Saber - Sanctioned
-Div 3 Saber - Unsanctioned
-Open Veteran - Unsanctioned

Please bring canned food in place of entry fees. We suggest $15 to $20 worth of food or cash donation per event. Donations will are given to area food banks.

USFA rules will be enforced, including age restrictions, full uniforms. Conductive bib mask required for foil events. Awards will be given to top finishers.

Please bring proof of competitive US Fencing membership for sanctioned events. Non-sanctioned events require at least US Fencing non-competitive membership.

If you have any questions, please contact Ron Hendricks at