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Las Vegas Epee Cup Event #3 Apr 24, 2021
NOTE: NOW SATURDAY! A series of 5 SATURDAYS of epee fencing! Preregister only on AskFred. Pay at the club. $125 for 5 events, $35 pre-registration, $50 no pre-reg All COVID precautions and requirements will be in effect. Info:
Battle Born Fencing Club: Las Vegas, NV
posted 03/13/2021
More Info
A series of 5 SATURDAYS of epee fencing! We are offering up to 3 events per SATURDAY for a single price. Preregister only on AskFred. Pay at the club.
$125 for the whole series!
$35 pre-registration
$50 at the door (no pre-registration)
Please register for each event date.
April 24th, May 1st, May 15th

Events Scheduled:
Senior Women's Epee
D & Under Senior Mixed Epee
Senior Mixed Epee
Preregistration opens on 03/14/2021.
Preregistration closes on 04/23/2021.

COVID-19 Protocol(Subject to Change) Please Read Carefully

BBFC will make every effort for this tournament to NOT be a super-spreader event; therefore, we ask that you read through our rules/requirements carefully prior to committing to the tournament.

Please do not register for this event if you are not willing and able to comply with ALL of the following:

If you have any symptoms, please do not come to the tournament site. If you have had recent exposure, you must have quarantined for 14 days or confirm with a negative COVID test after Day 7 of quarantine.
Everyone entering BBFC will be required to consent to temperature check, and sign into our contact tracing log.

As per USA Fencing Covid guidelines, a multilayer, non-vented face mask, covering both the nose and mouth, is required AT ALL TIMES (inside the facility and outside to the curb). Gaiters and bandanas are not acceptable. Any violation will result in the removal of the offending party, with possible disqualification of the fencer. This applies to everyone, including those who have been vaccinated or previously infected. Vaccination keeps you from getting the virus; it does not keep you from giving the virus.
Additional Requirements and Recommendations:

No physical contact: no handshakes, no high fives, no fist or elbow bumps.
Score sheets and bout slips will be reviewed by fencers, but not signed. Any discrepancies should be brought to the attention of the bout committee immediately.
Arrive fully dressed. There will be no changing space.
We encourage liberal and frequent use of hand sanitizer (provided).
Please bring your own water bottle (with name label).
Only weapons and strip bags will be allowed inside. Please leave fencing bags in your car trunk. We will have limited space for those arriving via ride-shares.
To ensure proper distancing, fencers will be designated spots to stand during or while waiting for bouts.
No screaming or yelling will be permitted; however, jumping or fist-pumping is allowed.
We thank you in advance for observing our requirements, as violations can put all fencers, families, and our club at risk. We understand that everyone is excited to resume competitive fencing and to see compatriots again, but if you are not able to comply with our requests, we will have to wait until the virus is controlled to fence with you again! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at