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RFC Sabre Tournament Y14 and Y12 Mar 21, 2021
Rochester Fencing Club: Rochester, NY
posted 03/01/2021
More Info
This is an unsanctioned Youth 12 and Youth 14 competition. Full tournament electric equipment (mask, lame, jacket, knickers, plastron, glove, body cord, mask cord, glove, and sabre) is required. Rental equipment will be available.

Please arrive 45-60 minutes prior to the listed close of registration time to allow for adequate warm-up and preparation for competition.

Competition format: 1 preliminary round of pools, 100% promotion to direct elimination. No fence for 3rd place. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 finishers.

COVID-19 Precautions: each event will be capped at 14 fencers. All competitors, spectators, coaches and officials are required to wear a medical or cloth face mask covering both mouth and nose for the during of the event. Physical distancing guidelines must be observed while not in active competition. Hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes will be available through the facility.

DO NOT attend this event if you are exhibiting symptoms, have tested positive or have had contact with someone exhibiting symptoms or has tested positive for COVID-19. Thank you.

If this is your first competition please contact Coach Christine at for further guidance.

Events Scheduled:
Unrated Y12 Mixed Saber
(Eligible fencers born between 2008-2011)

Unrated Y14 Mixed Saber
(Eligible fencers born between 2006-2009)

Preregistration opens on 03/02/2021.
Preregistration closes on 03/21/2021.