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WAY Foil Y8, 10, 12, 14 + Men's & Women's Open Mar 14, 2021
Foil Read more info section for important details. $25 Registration ($15 for WAY members) + $25 per event Pay here
Way of the Sword Fencing : Ridgefield, CT
posted 02/18/2021
More Info
Updated Feb 18, 2020

Events are sanctioned as of Feb 18, 2021. This could change if the CT Div.decides otherwise. We are not responsible for the actions and decisions made by the CT. Div but will honor those decisions.

Masks required 100% of the time.

$25 reg. + $25per event paid online. (WAY members pay 415 for registration fee) Refundable within 24 hours prior to close of registration.

Use this link:

Documented COVID Plan
with pictures and video found at:

CT DPH guidance info:

Here is what we are doing to keep this safe, and sustainable.

-If you are sick or have any symptoms of sickness alert us and then stay home. We'll refund you in full with 24 hr. advance notice.

-limited capped events

- each fencer will be assigned a dedicated area 6' apart from anyone else. Fencer will be given a chair and must remain seated until called to their strip to bout then return to their seats. Wandering will not be permitted. Pictures

-one parent may stay for fencers 10 and younger. We will give you a chair to sit next to your child in their dedicated Wayspace. Don't bring a folding chair.
- one coach is welcome to attend however if we exceed capacity we may ask a parent to give up a space to allow the coach to sit in for the bout. Historically, events have been less than capacity.

- refs will be 6' away with face masks

- fencers wear face masks at al times

- Saluting required before and after each bout but no contact

- Temp check prior to entry (over 100? We give you a 10-minute cool-down period outside prior to a second and final try. If your temperature reads over 100 a second time you must scratch and go home. We will refund you in full.

-hand sanitizer stations throughout the studio to be used upon entry and exiting

-USFA valid competitive membership regulation uniform w/socks, minimum two body cords, and weapons)

-medals will be awarded for the top four places

-covered outdoor seating for 18 parents will be provided

-studio cleaned and sanitized after each event (ya it's a lot of work)

You must pay in advance to reserve your seat. Use this link:

Certified Ref's wanted all 3-weapons:

Full USFA regulation uniform and two weapons and cords required.

USFA membership required. Sanctioned events must have competitive level membership