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WAY Epee Mock Summer Nat. A2 Push & Women's Open Jun 27, 2021
Epic Epee push for A2 Mock Summer National $40 "A" rated $55 all others See more info section for NEW efficiency plan Documented COVID Plan
Way of the Sword Fencing : Ridgefield , CT
posted 10/29/2020
More Info
Epic Epee push for A4. A mock Summer National event

UPDATE as of April 28, 2021

This event is sanctioned. Full USFA regulation uniform and competitive memberships required.

In the interests of time we will implementing the following strategy to finish this event in a timely manner:

1) More ref's will be hired (apply here) so that we are always running a strip non-stop. This way if a ref takes a break there is a sub. If we need to double strip there is a sub. If a ref calls in sick we have coverage. You get the idea.

2) Women's epee event has been moved up to 8:30 am BEFORE the men's event. We will double strip the women's pools.

Covid plan

$55 via Venmo, Zelle or Credit Card:

Bragging rights with a bonus is your reward. Earn renew or your "A" here and you fence for free from now on. Former scholarship winners have included Ian Sanders (2x champion), Nowell Gibson (1x champion), Tony Whelan (1x champion), Maximo Zafft, Ethan Insler, David Pavlenishvili, Gabriel Fienberg, RICUTA Laurentiu Florentin, BHATNAGAR Ayan, Gordon Reis, CENTENO Dante. Join their ranks if you have what it takes and bask in the glory.

Mask up- face masks required at all times as of this date but this may change by the time June 27 rolls around.

We will flight pools once in order to accommodate larger numbers of people.  

Here is what you need to know about flighting pools and staggering registration times. READ THIS:

1) You must pay in full, in advance, or you will be scratched 48 hours prior to the start of the event (refunds only given with 48 hour advance notice). Further you must make sure your email is correct in askfred so I can communicate with you through their system. Pay here now, please.

2) We will balance the "heats" and pools taking into consideration ratings, matching clubs and siblings or car pools traveling together. We are not obligated, nor promise to give you a favorable later start time.  Please don't ask me.... I know many of you are coming from afar and want a later start time. The priority must and will always be fair and equitable pools. Speaking of which we have created a talented and impartial committee responsible for creating and balancing pools. It's not just me slapping this thing together and hoping for the best.

3) If you are siblings or car pooling you MUST notify me of such so I do not split you up into separate heats. This is a courtesy that I am willing to do but again no promises of a later start time only that you will be able to arrive at the same time. Use email to notify me. or If you fail to notify me you may have two fencers starting at different times.

4) It is imperative that you show up to the event and fence because the pools will be generated in advance (a risky move for us to manage because not showing up impacts the pool balance). As such you must be aware and with total  transparency that I reserve the right to manipulate the pools while maintaining balance as needed.

5) "How will you pull this off? Show me the math?"
As many of you already know we have a large facility 11,000 sq feet on two levels.  We have the OPTION to run 6 strips if need be and we will be staffing accordingly with extra ref's who are getting paid $250 to $300 a day. Here is the bad news.  If we run 6 strips that means no parents or coaches will be permitted on the floor during the pools rounds. Let me repeat order to stay within current covid capacity rules we can run 6 strips (36 fencers) safely plus staff which leaves us no room for parents or coaches during the pools. Pools should take 1.5 hrs but I would plan for 2 hrs to be on the safe side. We ask parents and fencers in the first heat to leave and enjoy picturesque Ridgefield's shops, restaurants and museums. You can follow the action on Fencing Time Live website as we progress.

6) "What about the DE rounds?"  Glad you asked.
In the round of 64, ONLY fencers and coaches will be permitted when your time is called (fencers must leave immediately after the bout and may return when called for the next round).

In the round of 32, fencers and coaches will be permitted when your time is called (fencers must leave immediately after the bout and may return when called for the next round.

In the round of 16 onward...fencers, coaches, parents, teamates etc... (you do not have to leave the room)

Medals awarded to the top 8

7) We will be leveraging Fencing Time Live ( to communicate start times, and strips for both pools and DE's. If you were not aware, in fencing time live you can see your exact start time and strip assignment for each DE round on the tableau page. We will be posting DE bouts in 15 minutes intervals, give or take a few minutes each way. Our free internet [guest] password is "getyourway".  

Keep safety and kindness first,
Coach Mike
text 203 529 1320 by day by night