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Stoccata Challenge 2020 Dec 5, 2020 - Dec 12, 2020
Registration is $15, event Fee is $15. Tournament will be capped at 18 fencers per event. Please register on Askfred to ensure your competing spot at the events. We are limiting occupancy to one parent and fencer only to comply with Covid guidelines.
Stoccata Fencing Club: Altamonte Springs, FL
posted 10/27/2020
More Info
Attention all local fencers! We will be hosting our Stoccata December Challenge at our new location on 12/5 - 6/2020. In order to comply with current safety guidelines, we have divided up the events over two days. Open event formats will follow USFA guidelines with qualifying pools and then direct eliminations. We are limiting occupancy to parents and fencers only.

Saturday December 5th
• Mixed Open Epee - Ages 13 & Up, Starts at 9:00AM
• Unrated Mixed Open Saber - Ages 13 & Up, Starts at 12:30PM
• Mixed Open Saber - Ages 13 & Up, Starts at 2:00PM

Saturday December 12th
• Y10 Youth Foil - Ages 7 -10 starts at 9:00AM
• Y12 Youth Foil - Ages 11 -12 starts at 11:00AM
• Mixed Open Foil - Ages 13 & Up start at 1:00PM

Registration Information
The cost is $15 registration fee, $15 each event.
For our youth foil fencers who don’t have electrical equipment, we will be renting equipment for $10 for the event. Because these are capped events, all registration should be done via:

Salle Rules during the events
• Maintain 6 ft. social distancing at all times when not fencing
• Face masks must be worn at all times.
• No handshaking after the bouts. You must still salute before and after each bout.
• Use sanitizer often, stations will be available throughout the salle.
• Do not share personal equipment.