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RJCC of the Rockies Oct 23, 2020 - Oct 25, 2020 Come fence one of the first Regional events in the West! Test yourself at altitude with the RJCC of the Rockies for Region 4! The RJCC of the Rockies will feature junior and cadet events.
Denver Fencing Center: Denver, CO
posted 09/17/2020
More Info
Come fence one of the first Regional events in the West! Test yourself at altitude with the RJCC of the Rockies for Region 4! The RJCC of the Rockies will feature junior and cadet events for men and women in foil, epee, and saber.

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Events will be capped based on historical data, scheduling, and COVID-19 state regulations. Event caps are as follows:

Capped at 25: Cadet Men's Epee, Junior Men's Sabre, Junior Women's Foil, Junior Men's Epee, Cadet Women's Foil, and Cadet Men's Sabre.

Capped at 21: Cadet Women's Epee, and Junior Women's Epee.

Capped at 15: Cadet Women's Sabre, Junior Women's Sabre, Cadet Men's Foil, and Junior Men's Foil.

Check-In: Check-in for our tournaments will be performed in front of the club under the overhang. The check-in worker will wear a face shield, mask, and gloves. Hand sanitizer will be available on the check-in desk. The line will be marked by socially distanced cones. All tournament visitors (officials, fencers, and spectators) will be temperature checked, required to hand sanitize, and offered an optional pulse oxygen check as well. Fencers will be provided complimentary 2 latex/nitrile gloves for their back hand if they wish. The competitors will check in via FencingTime kiosk software. They will scan their card 6 feet away from the check-in worker.

Outdoor armory: The armorer will be in front of the club under the building overhang. The armorer will be wearing a face shield, mask, and gloves. The armorer will sanitize gloves after servicing each fencer’s equipment. The armorer lines would be marked by socially distanced cones.

Tournament Operations: All competitors and referees will be wearing face masks. Referees will wear latex/nitrile gloves. Armorers, BC, and Sports Medicine will wear a face mask, latex/nitrile gloves, and face shields.

If weather permits, the tournament will be run primarily outdoors on club property. Three 14-meter full regulation strips will be set behind the club in the alley. All reels will be wiped down prior to the start of the tournament and disinfectant would be available to fencers near the reel. Hand sanitizer would available at each strip. During equipment checks, fencers may request the referee to hand sanitize their latex/nitrile gloves. If necessary, we will place two strips over 5 parking spots on the east portion of our parking lot. The drive lane and the legal parking requirement for the building will be maintained.

If the weather does not permit: fencing will be conducted indoors, however, personnel in the building will be severely limited, and spectators will be advised to observe from outside.

Awards: Awards will be held outdoor in front of the mural. During the 4 person award ceremonies, the fencer will be handed the award from the presenter (face mask, face shield, and gloves). The fencer will move to his socially distanced spot at awards. Photographers will take turns taking photos to keep crowding and social distancing. After the group awards, fencers and immediate family could take individual photos if they complied with award personnel instructions.

Club Entry: During the outdoor tournament, all participants, officials, and spectators can enter the club as long as they maintain social distance and wear masks. The tournaments attendees can only enter the club for three purposes:

1.Tournament Official Lunches: Referees will be given prepared lunch meals and will be socially distanced in the lunchroom. Referees may also eat outdoors in front of the club. Referees will be given staggered lunchtimes to limit the number of referees in the room.

2.Bathrooms: All bathrooms will remain open.

3.Bag Storage: Fencers will be allowed to store the minimum amount of equipment in the back storage room. We encourage fencers to use strip bags and leave gear in personal vehicles. Fencers who do not have their own vehicle would be allowed to store equipment in this room. Individual spaces for bag storage will be marked off to ensure social distancing. (11 persons allowed)

Specific Rules of the Competition:

Athletes shall refrain from shouting and/or screaming after scoring a touch. During the fencing, fencers will receive yellow/red cards for this behavior based upon the “disturbing order” rule.

All athletes and spectators shall wear a face mask when observing the competition, due to the state requirements. Tournament personnel will award a Group 3 Yellow card based upon the rule “Any person not on strip disturbing order:” (t.109; t.110; t.111; t.132.2; t.133; t.137.3/4; t.168).

Athletes shall wear a face mask during competition. During the bout, the fencer whos mask doesn’t cover their face shall receive a card based upon the “non-conforming equipment”

During an indoor tournament, athletes and spectators who are not in the building are allowed to not wear face masks but must maintain social distancing at all times. Tournament officials will award a Group 3 Yellow card based upon the rule “Any person not on strip disturbing order:” (t.109; t.110; t.111; t.132.2; t.133; t.137.3/4; t.168).

At the end of the bout, the fencers will not shake hands with their opponent. The fencers will make a gentle beat of the blades from a social distance in lieu of the handshake. All other t.122 rules will apply.

Fencers will be allowed to eat or drink briefly during the competitive break. The face mask must be worn immediately afterward.

If events are held indoors: Coaches will be allowed on to the field of play during the 1-minute break. They will be required to wear a face mask and face shield. Coaches will be considered spectators at all other times.

Priority of Personnel in the building: Due to the constraints of 50 people in the building, we will prioritize who gets into the building. After athletes and tournament officials, we will allow each minor athlete to have a single parent. Coaches can be substituted for the single parent. After the single parent for the minor athletes, coaches will receive the remaining priority and will be seeded based upon club representation. Once capacity has been met, no further entry will be admitted.

Additionally, all fencing will be done with nose and mouth coverings at all times. Leon Paul mask inserts are NOT an acceptable solution.

All events will be held at Denver Fencing Center. We are located at

1930 S Navajo St Denver, CO 80223

Free parking at the venue is available on the street and to the south of the Denver Fencing Center building. Overflow parking is also available at Ruby Hill Park at the end of the block. Please do not block driveways or use the parking areas of other businesses in the neighborhood.

The Regional Junior Cadet Circuit (RJCC) is designed to promote and develop strong regional tournaments for Junior/Cadet aged fencer who seeks competitive opportunities beyond the local and division levels but below the NAC Junior/Cadet levels. In each RJCC category (Junior and Cadet), points will be awarded to all of the fencers. Fencers who wish to qualify for Junior Olympics or the July Challenge based on points earned at this tournament may count those points. More info on qualification paths for national tournaments can be found here:

Event Fee Info
Regular Registration (9/18/20 to 10/02/20): $5 administrative fee collected by USA Fencing $30 non-refundable registration fee $45 per event

Late Registration (10/02/20 to 10/09/20) $15 administrative fee collected by USA Fencing $90 non-refundable registration fee $135 per event

Withdrawals and cancellations must be received no later than October 02, 2020. Refunds will be processed 4-6 weeks after the competition.

Officials/Referee Info
We will have high-level national referees directing the tournament. Equipment check will be the same as national tournaments, including body and mask cords, gloves, lames, and foil bibs.

Transportation Details
We have organized a block of rooms at the Embassy Suites

Booking Link If you wish to book immediately, you may call 303-696-6644 and tell them you are with the Denver Fencing Center .

Events Scheduled:
Cadet (U17) Women's EpeeCadet (U17) Women's FoilCadet (U17) Women's SaberCadet (U17) Men's EpeeCadet (U17) Men's FoilCadet (U17) Men's SaberJunior (U20) Women's EpeeJunior (U20) Women's FoilJunior (U20) Women's SaberJunior (U20) Men's EpeeJunior (U20) Men's FoilJunior (U20) Men's Saber