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NEUSFA October Epee Open Oct 17, 2020 - Oct 18, 2020
Online preregistration ($25.00) Due to current state of affairs there are NO WALK INS accepted at events. This will be the first division epee event of the season.
Boston Fencing Club: Boston, MA
posted 09/13/2020
More Info
Beginning Oct, outside NE division members may participate; Region 3 only.

ALL fencers MUST be COMPETITIVE members of USFA and show proof of membership. You may fence in ONE division tournament as a non-competitive member.

Monitors will be used for check in. Please have a printout of your membership card ready.

Medals to top 3(4).

All participants and officials must adhere to the USFA MAAPP for the duration of the event:

Link to MAAPP guidelines:

Link to safe sport reporting form:

Link to USFA code of conduct:

Events Scheduled:
Senior epee

Due to current guidelines; events are limited to 24 with a minimum of 6 to hold the event. Less than 6 in either event and it will cancelled or combined and held on Sunday.

COVID procedures:

2. Everyone coming to the tournament MUST enter through the front entrance and submit a waiver form that will be sent via email before the event.
3. A temperature check will be taken to ensure you may continue on into the venue. Sanitizing when you enter is also mandatory.
4. Due to limitations on number of people allowed in the building, fencers 17 and under may be accompanied by ONE person; 18 and over may not bring an additional person. No siblings allowed unless they are fencing in an event at the same time. If siblings fencing at the same time, the limit is still ONE person for multiple siblings. No random spectators will be allowed.
5. Anyone other than an official or staff member entering through any back entrance will be black carded and removed from the building.
6. Check in will open 1 hour prior to event. There will be no early check in allowed. Fencers must check in using the auto scanner. Have your current membership card printed for this purpose.
8. No Equipment check at this event.
9. Face masks must be worn at all times; fencers must wear non fencing face masks when not fencing.
10. Only ONE coach per weapon per club is allowed. Please relay this information to your club so they can determine coaching schedule.
11. No food or drink allowed on the fencing floor and none will be sold in the venue. Personal water bottle is allowed but absolutely NO PLASTIC throwaways; i.e., Poland springs or other water; Gatorade, etc.
12. Hand sanitizer will be in place throughout the venue and available on all strips for the convenience of fencers and/or officials.
13. In between pool bouts and DEs, fencers will sit or stand near the area of their assigned strip and the adjacent strip and be at least 4-6 ft apart wearing face mask.
14. When you have finished fencing in your event, please gather up your belongings quickly and leave the building. You may not stay and hang out. If you are in the top 4 and wish to leave before the medal ceremony we will give you your medal as you leave.
15. Please check to make sure you have all your personal belongings as anything left at the end of the day will be thrown out!!!!!! NO EXCEPTIONS.

Preregistration opens on 9/13/201920.
Preregistration closes on 10/15/2020.

No Refunds after Oct 15, 2020

Division is not responsible for any problems registering on askfred. We recommend you register early to avoid last minute issues.

Unless otherwise stated, refunds will not be issued unless requested by the close of preregistration.

ANY QUESTIONS: Please contact linda merritt at