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Renaissance Foil House Cup for all Sep 13, 2020
Open foil practice event with a focus on fencing multiple bouts. 2pm start time. Face covering required for all fencers and/or guests. $35 entry - no fee for students in recurring classes. Medals awarded for top finishers.
Renaissance Fencing Club: Troy , MI
posted 09/04/2020
More Info
This is an in-house PRACTICE TOURNAMENT with a focus on fencing multiple bouts to teach the younger fencers how a tournament works and to get them ready for the season. We will award medals for the top finishers

Live results can be found here:


Face covering required for all fencers and/or guests.
$35 entry - no fee for students in recurring classes.

Fencers please arrive 15 minutes early for your event already dressed in sports clothes. Parents may be asked to wait outside until the competition starts to minimize the number of persons inside the building. We may have to ask people to take turns if there are too many people and we ask for your understanding. We are trying to stream events live on our facebook page.

Events Scheduled:
9am in back room: Girls Beginning Foil Class
9am in front room: Pre Elite Foil Class

11am in back room : Beginning Class Foil
11am in front room: Intermediate Class Foil

2pm Elite Class and Open Foil

Preregistration opens on 09/04/2020.
Preregistration closes on 09/12/2020.

There will be limited spectators. Each fencer is limited to one (1) spectator in attendance; this one person may be parent, guardian, coach etc. Spectators must remain in designated area. No exceptions. We will live stream the event and we will open the garage door for parents to remain outside if possible. We will provide links on our Facebook page

Everyone in the venue must wear a surgical or cloth mask covering nose and mouth, even under fencing masks, except when drinking or eating. Mask must cover nose and mouth. There is no exception to this requirement. We cannot accommodate those with conditions that would preclude wearing a mask, so anyone unable to wear a mask should stay home. As of now the venue is only authorizing use of cloth or surgical masks, no neck gaitors