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D'Artagnan's Challenge Series 1A (Y12 Epee) Sep 13, 2020
Check-in at office at 1:45 PM. Event starts at 2:00 PM. Medals for top 4, ribbons for top 8. Series winner awarded trophy. Cost: $25.00 Walk-ins: $30.00 Y12 Men's & Women's Epee (birth years 2008-2011)
Olympia Fencing Center: Cambridge, MA
posted 08/25/2020
More Info
This is the first of five series for Y12 Men's & Women's Epee!

Non-competitive USFA membership is required and will be verified at the door.

Men's and Women's events will be mixed if there are less than 6 participants in one of the events.

The events will run simultaneously, starting at 2:00 PM.

Cost: $25
Walk-in: $30
Absolutely no refunds, but we're happy to apply credit for future OFC events.

Medals will be awarded for top 4 and ribbons to the top 8. Points will be awarded to all. The winner of the series will receive a Grand Prize in form of a trophy at the end of the competition.

Events Scheduled:
Y12 Men’s Epee
Y12 Women’s Epee

Email: for any questions.

Preregistration closes on 9/11/2020.


- Each event will be capped to a total of 25 fencers and referees.
- No spectators will be permitted in the club during the tournament.
- If the weather permits, we will open the side door to allow parents to observe from a safe distance.
- We will post live results, and live-stream the semi-final and final bouts.
- All fencers will be checked for symptoms of sickness upon arrival.
- EVERYONE will be required to wear masks at all times.
- Social distancing between fencers will be strictly enforced with chairs and markers placed for fencers to sit in between bouts.
- Any fencer from outside of OFC wishing to participate in the tournament will have to provide a negative COVID-19 test result.
- The rewards ceremony will be socially distanced for safety.