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2021 Pomme De Terre - EPEE Jun 11, 2021 - Jun 13, 2021
NEUSFA's 32nd annual Pomme de Terre. See more info for FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS and info for FOREIGN fencers (see 4 and 5). SEE MORE INFO FOR CURRENT EVENT STATUS
Boston Fencing Club: Boston, MA
posted 06/07/2020
More Info
Hotel link - Studio Allston

Epee weekend:

Due to state restriction on numbers in venue, this event will be held over 3 weekends. Each weekend will be devoted to one weapon.

THERE WILL BE NO WAITLIST FOR ANY EVENT. If you are unable to register because the event filled, you will need to monitor the site for openings due to withdrawals.
Additionally, you may not hold spots until you decide whether or not you wish to enter. If fencers have incomplete registrations and others are waiting to enter you will be removed from the list to make way for those who are committing.

FOR THIS YEAR ONLY, a Y14 event will be added on Friday afternoon/evening.

All COVID restrictions at the time of the events will be adhered to.

SENIOR MEN'S FOIL and SENIOR MEN'S EPEE will be capped at 70 entries.
All other events are capped at 35 fencers.

Incomplete registrations will be deleted to make room for fencers wishing to register and complete payment.

Veteran events must have minimum 10 fencers in order to hold
All other events must have minimum 18 fencers in order to hold




New England Division USFA (NEUSFA) will hold the 32ND Annual Pomme de Terre fencing tournament at BOSTON FENCING CLUB.


1. NO EXCEPTIONS ARE MADE FOR LATE ENTRY. Please, DO NOT email me with your reason for not registering on time. Your inability to register on time is not my problem.

2. NO WALKINS WILL BE ALLOWED - only preregistered and PAID competitors may fence.

3. US fencers - you must be current COMPETITIVE MEMBERS of USFA by the deadline. If your membership is not up to date and current by the last registration period, you will not fence and you will not be refunded. There are no day memberships; High School, and noncompetitive memberships are ineligible.

4 FOREIGN athletes may be able to participate at the PdT; you must be a current member of USFA in order to compete. and be able to comply with current travel restrictions to the US as well as Massachusetts. There will be no refunds for inability to comply.

5. Any FOREIGN national who holds or has held a world ranking, senior or junior, is not allowed to fence in the E and under. All foreign entries will be checked and removed from the event if you are over qualified; this includes fencers who have previously been on world cup standings. No entries will be refunded for any fencer registered for this event and is deemed ineligible. We will take your money and not give it back.

6. National point standings DO NOT APPLY at this tournament. If you are under age, you may not participate. See eligibility below.

7. Fencers who register for the E and under event BEFORE earning a higher classification may still fence in this event if they wish. If you wish to withdraw, you may with no fee penalty. You may not fence if you register AFTER earning a higher classification and your entry fee WILL NOT be refunded.

8. BLUE GAUNTLET is NOT planning to be onsite for equipment needs. There will be limited supply of equipment for sale so please make sure you have all your equipment and that it is in working order.

9. Medals and potato specific prizes (PSPs) are awarded to top 8 in individual events. If you are unable to stay for the award presentation, you must have someone pick up the medal IMMEDIATELY after the medal presentation. No awards will be given out before the presentation.

FORMAT: For this year only all events are 100% to DEs. Seeding is by classification only; national point standings are not used.

REMINDER: Event Restrictions: This year you may fence in more than one events in the same day unless they are at the same time. This will be strictly enforced. There will be no refunds for disallowed entries.


Birth year 2007 or earlier. In any tournament where children can fence with adults, the fencer must be 13 BY January 1 of the competition season (August - July).

This season you are allowed to fence in ONE division event using a non-competitive membership. So if you are registered for two events you will need to upgrade your membership after you complete your first event.

All fencers must be a current competitive member of the USFA by the final registration date. Memberships will be checked directly after the final registration period has closed; if you are not compliant you will not be allowed to fence.

AUTO CHECK IN MAY be used if we do not have to take temperatures. Please have a copy on your phone or print out a copy from the website.

FEES (Please note, depending on the weapon, the entry deadlines will differ)

Individual Events

Early Registration/Entry Fee Discount per fencer
April 1 - April 15
Registration $30.00
Entry $40.00 per event

Regular Registration/Entry Fee
April 15 - May 15
Registration $40.00
Entry Fee $50.00 per event

Late Registration/Entry Fee
May 16 - May 22
Registration $80.00
Entry Fee $100.00 per event

Triple Entry Fees (per event)
May 23 - May 30
Registration $120.00
Entry Fee $150.00 per event

NO WALKINS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Preregistered without completing payment does not mean you can walk in.

REFUNDS - For refund of event fee(s), withdrawals must be received in writing no later than May 15, 2021.
Registration fees are nonrefundable. Absolutely no refunds after May 15. Refunds will be processed no later than 4-6 weeks following the tournament.

We are not responsible for any askfred website outages and will not make fee adjustments for any reason. Please register in a timely manner to avoid late payment fees on askfred.

Payment is required with registration; unpaid preregistrations will be periodically deleted.

To receive a special commemorative t-shirt you must register and pay by May 30. Registering early helps us to ensure that we have enough qualified referees for this tournament. Please help us and avoid late fees by registering early! THERE WILL BE NO T-SHIRT FOR NO SHOWS.


(Times listed are close of registration, and are subject to change)

Friday, June 11
4:00 pm Y14 ME
5:00 pm Y14 WE

Saturday, June 12
8:00 am VET ME
8:00 am E and under WE
1:00 pm VET WE
1:00 pm E and under ME

Sunday, June 13

08:00 Men's Epee Open
1:00 Women's Epee Open

Check In will begin at 7AM each morning. You will need a printout of your card or a photo of your card on your phone so you can use auto check in.

Weapons Check: TBD

If you are only fencing on one day you are encouraged to have your weapons checked the day before but please come after 9 AM. Try to come between event check in times.

Full equipment check, mask, lames, gloves, body and head cords

Host hotel information TBD