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Unsanctioned DIV III Beginners Epee Feb 23, 2020
A good tournament for newer fencers in the area to see how a real tournament is run. All gear will be required in accordance with USFA rules.
Buffalo Seminary: Buffalo, NY
posted 01/28/2020
More Info
D & Under Foil and Epee tournament. $10 per event if preregistered, $15 if you signup day of. NOT USFA sanctioned. All fencers D rated or under are welcome!! This is meant to be an introduction for less experienced fencers with only a few years experience. All USFA gear will be required.

Events Scheduled:
D & Under Mixed Epee
D & Under Mixed Foil

All USFA regulation gear will be required(i.e. plastron and knickers)

2 working weapons and 2 working body cords will also be required. Masks will be checked at check in.

There is ample free parking on the street on weekends.

The tournament venue is in the gym on the first floor. Enter through the main doors on Bidwell Ave, go down the stairs to the left, the gym is behind the fountain.

Any questions, comments, or concerns please email head coach Wes Roberts at