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La Div Foil melee / Postponed Feb 8, 2020
Postponed Please read the "MORE" section for update.
Christ Episcopal School: Covington, LA
posted 01/23/2020
More Info
Ever feel like you traveled an awful lot of miles to fence an awfully few bouts? Maybe what you need is a MELEE!

This year the Foil melee will be the pool round of the North Shore Open. Yes we will have one pool. The Winner will become the melee Champion. This may be a rating changing event. After which this pool will become the DE bracketing source for the NSO.

Everybody fencer fences everybody! Bouts are five points (3 minutes); the whole tournament is one giant round robin. USFA membership is required, and USFA rules apply. You must be at least 13 years of age in order to compete. Due to the size and time constraints of the tournament, entries will be capped at 32 participants. Register early to make sure that you get a spot on that great big score sheet! The top four fencers will receive medals separate from the Open.

Please sign up as a foil fencer at the North Shore Open