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2020 Veteran Sabre Slam! Mar 28, 2020 - Mar 29, 2020
Come show what you've got at the 2020 Sabre Slam and Training Clinic! As always, there will be food, wine, and great fencing! This is great preparation for the April NAC and a fantastic opportunity to fence some of the toughest competition in the country!
Sheridan Fencing Academy: New York, NY
posted 01/17/2020
More Info
The 2020 Sabre Slam & Training Day starts with a 3 hour training event on Saturday evening followed by a competition on Sunday! The Sabre Slam routinely attracts the top veteran sabre fencers in the country--including 2017 Vet-40 National Champion Sean Bates, and 2018 National Champion Louis Montorio!

The clinic will focus on tactical development and primarily incorporate exercises on the strip in bouting conditions.

The price for the Training Clinic is $120 in advance ($200 at the door) and includes registration for Sunday's events. Only pay upfront for the clinic on AskFred if you plan also fence on Sunday, then register unpaid for the events you plan to compete in.

The price for the competition without the Clinic is $40 per event ($50 at the door).

Events Scheduled:
Training Clinic - Saturday, 5 - 8pm
Vet Combined Women's Saber - Sunday, 10:00am
Vet Combined Mixed Saber - Sunday, 1:00pm

Sheridan Fencing Academy is located at 1801 1st Ave @ 93rd St.
By subway: the Q to 96th St.
By bus: M15 to 93rd St. or M86 to York.

Preregistration closes on 03/27/2020.


This is one of the events in the 6th Annual Tri-State Veterans Saber Cup.

The Cup produced two A2-rated Vet MS events in 2019-2020 and generated 6 A and B ratings (as well as 4 C, D and E ratings), as well as some of the largest Vet WS non-NAC tournaments in the country. Competitors regularly attend from the East Coast and visitors from farther away are always welcome (and can occasionally find a Vet fencer to host those who need a place to stay).

In addition to events in the NY/NJ/CT tri-state region, this year the Cup will add an event in the Washington DC area for the first time!


In addition to individual event awards, the Top 3 MS and the Top 3 WS fencers in Cup Point Standings at the end of the season will be recognized, with awards given at the season's final event. In the case of a tie, the higher ranking will go to the fencer that received the highest number of points in a single event across the Cup. 2019-2020 Cup Points will be awarded to fencers as follows:

1. Points from up to four (4) 2019-2020 Cup events.
2. For each event, participating fencers will receive points based on the number and letter rating of other participants who finish below them:
a. Each participating fencer will be assigned a value based on their rating (A=7, B=6, C=5, D=4, E=3, U=2)
b. Participating fencers will earn points equal to the total point value of all fencers who finish below them, plus 2 points
c. In the case of Vet Mixed Events, MS will earn points for all MS finishers below them; WS will earn points for all fencers (MS or WS) that finish below them.


Nov 17 - Manhattan Fencing Center -
Jan 1 - Tim Morehouse -
Jan 19 - Capitol Clash -
Feb 26 - Manhattan Fencing Center -
Mar 28 - Sheridan Fencing - This event
Jun 7 - Infinity Fencing -