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Michael "Bad Ass" Cochran Epee Melee Apr 18, 2021
One pool, 5 touch bouts, winner takes all. USFA Sanction, all rules applied senior (13yrs old, plus) epee event. See "MORE" page for details.
New Orleans Athletic Club: New Orleans, LA
posted 01/15/2020
More Info
The New Orleans Athletic Club presents:
the "Bad Ass" an epic 5 touch epee round robin.
Fenced in the Ballroom on the 2nd floor

This is a USFA sanctioned event. ALL USFA rules apply. Fencers must be 13 or older and are competitive members of the USFA.

There will be only one winner. That winner will be determined by bouts won than by indicators if necessary. There are no awards, medals,or accolades but for the winner. This includes but does not limit to the tournament being immediately renamed in their honor until it is fenced again and the right to defend their title free the following year.

Cost: $35 until midnight April 10th than
$50 until midnight April 16
$60 until day of the event
$70 at the door

The sword of COVID-19 2020 will be fenced off

If you wish to fence for the Bad Ass 2020 sword
a second event will follow the first. Payment will be at the door: Cash, CC or Venmo. Top 6 fencers of the Bad Ass 2021 $10, all others $20. This will be a 15 touch Direct Elimination based on results of the early event.
You may win the sword but not the naming rights.

COVID=19 Rules of engagement:

Only 30 people are allowed in the ballroom at any given time.
Masks must be worn at all times when NOT on strip.