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NJFA Cup #2 Y8 -Y14,VET All Weapons M/W 4/5/20 Apr 5, 2020
Y8,Y10,Y12,Y14 and VET All Weapons Men's & Women's Sunday 4/5/20 Walk-ins Welcome NOTE TO VETS ONLY: Do not pay, preregister only.
The Fencing Alliance: Maplewood, NJ
posted 01/01/2020
More Info
All Weapons M/W (Y8-Y14) and VETS

8:15 Y14 Women's Foil
8:15 Y14 Men's Foil
8:15 Y10 Women's Foil
8:15 Y10 Men's Foil
8:15 Y10 Women's Epee
8:15 Y10 Men's Epee

9:15 Y12 Women's Sabre
9:15 Y12 Men's Sabre
9:15 Y10 Women's Sabre
9:15 Y10 Men's Sabre

10:15 Y14 Women's Sabre
10:15 Y14 Men's Sabre
10:15 Y12 Women's Epee
10:15 Y12 Men's Epee

11:00 Y12 Women's Foil
11:00 Y12 Men's Foil

12:15 Y14 Women's Epee
12:15 Y14 Men's Epee

1:00 Y8 Mixed Foil
1:00 Y8 Mixed Epee
1:00 Y8 Mixed Sabre

1:15 Vet Combined Men's Foil
1:15 Vet Combined Women's Foil
1:15 Vet Combined Men's Epee
1:15 Vet Combined Women's Epee
1:15 Vet Combined Men's Saber
1:15 Vet Combined Women's Saber

**Events will be mixed if the number of competitors in each gender is less than 6.**

Follow tournament live at

54 Burnett Ave.
Maplewood, New Jersey 07040

NJFA is a fully equipped state-of-the-art 17,500 of fencing salle with 19 grounded official USFA fencing strips, center scoring boxes with repeater lights at each end, mens and womens locker rooms, FREE Wireless Internet service, overhead monitors and live results streaming of tournament information. FREE parking, and on-site fully equipped store.

Regular fee entry deadline is March 26th. Payment on-line required to secure slot. If event is "full," e-mail the organizer to be placed on the waiting list.

Entry April 4 or later considered walk-in and entry is subject to space.

Ratings can be awarded, however youth events do not use the E1 or D1 classifications. This means that these events are No Rating until they achieve C1 level or higher. Check USFA ratings chart at:

Online payment required to secure entry. Must e-mail the organizer prior to March 26th to arrange any at-door payments. All unpaid entries will be removed March 31st and re-entry incurs late fee and entry is subject to space.

Regular fee period (closes April 1st at 11:59pm): $35/event.

Walk-in (entry subject to space) April 2nd $50/event.
Payments made at the door must be in cash or check only payable to "NJFA". No credit cards taken at door.

Refund requests must be submitted to and will only be honored if received no later than March 26th. NO refunds issued after March 26th.

** Liability waiver - Upon entering this tournament you agree to abide by the current rules of the USFA and other applicable rules instituted by NJFA. You acknowledge you are entering this tournament at your own risk and release the USFA and its sponsors, NJFA, and referees from any liability. With entry you give consent to NJFA to obtain medical care from any licensed physician, hospital or clinic for any injury or illness that may arise during activities associated with this tournament. Photography, filming, recording, or any other form of media of the athlete during the tournament can be used by NJFA and the USFA. Those wishing to opt out of media coverage must inform the Bout Committee.**

Event entry is determined by 2019-20 USFA Birth year requirements:

Event entry is determined by 2019-20 USFA Birth year requirements:
Y8 = 2011-2014 (*not a USFA category, participation is at parent discretion, USFA membership required)
Y10 = 2009-2012
Y12 = 2007-2010, or on Youth 10 NRP List
Y14 = 2005-2008, or on Youth 12 NRP List

For full birth year information, visit
If you are on the NRP list and your entry is rejected for age, contact us and we will handle your registration.

Y8/Y10 fencers must fence with #0 or #2 blades, i.e no longer than 32 inches.
USFA rules apply.

Full USFA regulation uniform required. Name is NOT required on uniform. Foil mask with conductive bib is required.

Must have at least two working weapons and two body cords.
All fencers must be USFA competitive members, or have other foreign federation membership. Must present membership card (or proof of membership payment) or FIE license at check-in. If no proof of membership you must complete and pay for USFA membership. Obtain/renew USFA membership at You may join/renew USFA at the door (parent signature required), however arrive with a completed form or plan to come early to complete required paperwork. Have separate check made out to USFA or use your credit card (preferred) for USFA membership payment.

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS (close of check-in)
Start times are subject to change - check for updates. Fencing will commence shortly after close of check-in. Arrive sufficiently early to have equipment checked and have proper warm-up time so you are ready to fence when registration closes. Venue opens at 7:00 am.

An armorer will check fencing equipment and assist with equipment problems during the tournament. Masks, gloves, all lame material and body cords will be checked. The armory will open at 7 am.


Beginners tournament guide (courtesy of

USFA rules apply:
Events will be mixed if less than 6 fencers, but points will be awarded to men and women separately
One round of pools with 100% promotion to Direct Elimination rounds.
No fence-off for third place; Medals awarded to 3rd place.
Fencers are responsible for ensuring accuracy of all posted information and must report errors to the bout committee immediately. This includes club affiliation, division, classification, date of birth, gender, spelling of name, etc . Errors in posted pool results must be reported to the BC immediately (within 5 minutes). Once DE round starts and tableau is posted, the pool results are final and no adjustments will be made. Check all scores before leaving the strip. Fencer signature on pool sheet and DE slip implies accuracy.

Seeding is based on the Current National Youth Ranking according to age group and weapon, then letter ranking with year classification, then fencers with neither points nor classification. Fencers with equal classifications will be randomized within each classification.
Only ratings and points standings listed on the USFA website will be used. Check your rating at and national point standing at

Each event consists of two rounds (pools and direct elimination)
Pools: One preliminary round of pools comprised of the standard 5-touch bout in 3 minutes. 100% then advance to direct elimination round.
Direct Elimination Tableau shall be comprised according to the results of the preliminary pool round.
For Y14 and Y12, DE bouts are 15 touch/9-minute bouts. For Y10, DE bouts are 10-touch bouts/6 minute bouts. During the 1-minute break, ONE PERSON designated by the fencer (team-mate, coach, or parent) may be on the strip with the fencer.
Medals awarded to Top 8. No fence-off for third place.
Classifications (ratings) can be awarded, however youth events must exceed criteria in Group C1 or higher to award changes in classifications.
Photography and filming is allowed, however NO flash photography is allowed near ongoing competitions.

Withdrawal during pools: A fencer who withdraws, or who is excluded, is scratched from the pool, and his results are annulled as if he had not taken part.
Withdrawal during DE: When for whatever reason a fencer cannot fence or cannot complete his bout, his opponent is declared winner of that bout. A fencer who withdraws does not lose his place in the overall classification of the competition.

50 Burnett Avenue, Maplewood, NJ (use 54 Burnett Avenue for GPS/Mapquest); Conveniently located near all major highways in NJ, NY, CT, and Pennsylvania. Just off Springfield Avenue (via Vermont St). Only 30 minute train ride from NYC Penn Station (via NJ Transit Mid-Town Direct;

Free parking.
On-site fully equipped Fencing Pro Shop.
Free Wi-Fi


NJFA is a member of the NJ Division of the USFA: