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WAY Unrated, E & under Foil, Sabre, Epee Feb 23, 2020
Sanctioned "U"nrated and E an under events for the taking. Separate women's and men's events plus mixed for greater opportunity. $30 Reg. $15 per event paid online see more info section
Way of the Sword Fencing Academy: Ridgefield , CT
posted 12/23/2019
More Info
Earn your rating or learn to try.
Separate women and men's events may be mixed if absolutely necessary.
$30 Reg. $15 per event paid online using this link. Fully refundable with 24 hr advance notice.

$10 fee for payment at the door.

Events Scheduled:
Unrated Senior Women's Foil
Unrated Senior Women's Saber
E & Under Senior Mixed Foil
E & Under Senior Mixed Saber
Unrated Senior Men's Epee
Unrated Senior Men's Foil
Unrated Senior Men's Saber
Preregistration opens on 12/23/2019.

The tournament fee is $30 Registration + $15 per event paid online in advance. Walk-ins are subject to a $20 late fee.

Registration is made through AskFred
Payment is made using this link only

**In the event that we do not have enough entries to run separate men's and women's events for a particular weapon event, we may mix the two into one event.

Way of the Sword is located at 21 Governor Street Ridgefield CT 06877. Ample free parking just outside our door. Food, shops, and attractions a short walk away.

WAY is a fully equipped state-of-the-art fencing center built-in 2016. This 11,000 sf, air-conditioned venue offers 9 grounded Olympic grade USFA fencing strips with an elevated scoring system, private men's and women's changing rooms and bathrooms, free WIFI, repair shop, parents waiting lounge with leather seating.

Phone 203 403 3949
WAY is a member of the CT Division of the USFA:

This event is sanctioned by the CT Division and ratings can be awarded. You can view the USFA ratings chart:

Urgent and important information will be communicated through the FRED e-mail system. It is the fencer's responsibility to verify that your FRED profile contains your correct e-mail address. (http://www.askfred.netthen go to "My FRED").

USFA rules apply.

All fencers are REQUIRED to present the following documents at check-in:
A valid competitive USFA, other fencing federation, or FIE Membership card.

Refund requests must be submitted to within 48 hours of the event.

USFA regulation uniform is required.
-The fencer's name is NOT required to be displayed on their uniform for this event.
-All events are conducted with electric equipment. A preliminary inspection will be conducted at the beginning of each pool and DE to ensure the presence of the following equipment: underarm plastron, weapons, body cords and all appropriate weapons check control marks. Athletes are subject to prohibition from fencing if these conditions are not met.
-Fencer must have at least two working weapons, two working body cords and two working head cords. A foil mask with the conductive bib is required. Foil chest plates must have a neoprene covering as per USFA regulations.
- Events may be mixed if less than 6 fencers
-One round of pools with 100% promotion to Direct Elimination rounds.
-No fence-off for third place; Medals awarded to 3rd place.
-Fencers are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of all posted information and must report errors to the bout committee immediately. Fencer signature on pool score sheets and DE bout slip imply accuracy.

Liability understanding - Upon entering this tournament you agree to abide by the current rules of the USFA and other applicable rules instituted by WAY and the Connecticut Division. You acknowledge you are entering this tournament at your own risk and release the USFA and its sponsors, WAY and the Connecticut Division, and referees from any liability. With entry you give consent to WAY to obtain medical care from any licensed physician, hospital or clinic for any injury or illness that may arise during activities associated with this tournament. Photography, filming, recording, or any other form of media of the athlete during the tournament can be used by CFC and the USFA. Those wishing to opt out of media coverage must inform the Bout Committee in advance of the event in writing.

Classifications (ratings) can be awarded, however, youth events must exceed criteria in Group C1 or higher to award changes in classifications. Please refer to the USFA Classification Chart at:

Classifications are not finalized until the complete results and membership forms are received by the National Office.
Photography and filming is permitted, however, NO flash photography is allowed near ongoing competitions.

Withdrawal during pools: If a fencer withdraws, or is excluded, is scratched from the pool, and his results are annulled as if he had not taken part in the competition.

Withdrawal during DE: When for whatever reason a fencer cannot fence or cannot complete his bout, his opponent is declared the winner of that bout. Note that per USA Fencing rules, fencers who are not present for their bout after having started a competition (for reasons other than a verified medical withdrawal) will be excluded from the competition, and national points and/or classifications that might have been earned for that competition will not be awarded. Further disciplinary action can be taken by USA Fencing.

USA Fencing rules apply.

Fencers who are not present for their bout after having started a competition (for reasons other than a verified medical withdrawal) will be excluded from the competition, and national points and/or classifications that might have been earned for that competition will not be awarded. Further disciplinary action can be taken by USA Fencing.

All events will be one round of pools comprised of the standard 5-touch bout in 3 minutes, with 100% promotion to direct eliminations. Pools of 6 or 7 will be used whenever possible. 100% of the fencers will be promoted to a DE tableau. Direct Elimination Tableau shall be established according to the results of the preliminary pool round. Events with fewer than 11 participants may be two rounds of pools to direct eliminations. There will be no fence off for third place.

Events will be mixed if there are less than 6 competitors of either gender.
Events that are posted as mixed may be gender-separated if at least 6 fencers of either gender enter the event.

Cash or credit cards accepted no checks.
Preregistration closes on 02/22/2020.