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Salle Auriol RYC - Region 1 Apr 4, 2020 - Apr 5, 2020
Regional Youth Circuit for Y10, Y12, Y14.
Salle Auriol Seattle: Seattle, WA
posted 11/24/2019
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Register on the USFA website:

Doors & equipment check will open at 9:00. Mask, glove, cords, lames will be checked. A minimum of 2 bodycords and 2 weapons is required. Y10 fencers must use #2 or shorter blades.

Event times are close of registration, fencing will begin soon after.

Medals awarded to the top 8 in each event. Y10 events with fewer than 4 of each gender will be fenced mixed (boys and girls together). In larger events, boys and girls will fence separately. Separate awards for boys' and girls' placements will be given in any case.

Event Schedule:
Y14 Men's Foil - Saturday, 10:00 AM
Y14 Women's Epee - Saturday, 10:00 AM

Y10 Men's Epee - Saturday, 11:00 AM
Y10 Women's Epee - Saturday, 11:00 AM
Y12 Women's Saber - Saturday, 11:00 AM

Y10 Women's Foil - Saturday, 1:00 PM
Y10 Men's Foil - Saturday, 1:00 PM
Y14 Men's Epee - Saturday, 1:00 PM

Y14 Women's Foil - Saturday, 2:00 PM
Y12 Men's Saber - Saturday, 2:00 PM

Y12 Men's Foil - Sunday, 10:00 AM
Y14 Men's Saber - Sunday, 10:00 AM

Y12 Women's Epee - Sunday, 11:00 AM
Y12 Men's Epee - Sunday, 11:00 AM

Y10 Women's Saber - Sunday, 12:00 PM
Y10 Men's Saber - Sunday, 12:00 PM

Y12 Women's Foil - Sunday, 2:00 PM
Y14 Women's Saber - Sunday, 2:00 PM