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FAP-North Youth 10 Foil (in house only) Dec 15, 2019
Introductory level foil event for Youth 10 fencers. Proof of USA Fencing membership is required. Entry is $40 (cash only) at check in.
FAP-North: Wyncote, PA
posted 11/21/2019
More Info
Introductory level Foil event for Youth 10 fencers. Proof of USA Fencing membership is required, as is complete uniform including long socks. Entry is $40 (cash only) at check in.
If you belong to FAP at Central, Baldwin or Merion Meeting but would like to compete please email us at so we can manually add you to the tournament.

This event is designed to let our youngest fencers fence only within their age group, we have a large enough group of Y10's that this is now feasible to try.

As always, our intro level tournaments include expanations and opportunities for Q&A.

This event will be fenced electric with equipment on hand, which means some sharing will likely be necessary.

All athletes who need to borrow equipment should be sure to let the club know via email to by the registration deadline.