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IFA’s Silicon Valley Cup (“IFASVC”) Feb 22, 2020 - Feb 23, 2020
International Fencing Academy, Sunnyvale California (IFA – CA) is organizing a series of USFA sanctioned tournaments to be exclusively hosted at IFA. The series is IFA’s Silicon Valley Cup (IFA-SVC).
Internationl Fencing Academy, Sunnyvale, CA: Sunnyvale, CA
posted 11/11/2019
More Info
Each season, International Fencing Academy, Sunnyvale California (IFA – CA) runs a well organized, full length grounded strips, USFA sanctioned rated series of tournaments to be exclusively hosted at and by IFA, IFA’s Silicon Valley Cup (IFA-SVC).

In order to keep the fees at a minimum, Payment is made at the door at time of check in via cash or check payable to "International Fencing Academy ".

Rules, Terms, and regulations

The circuit is run in accordance of the USFA Rule book and all fencers must be have a USFA competitive membership in order to compete.

All results, including new ratings earned at IFA-SVC, will be forwarded to USFA.


Regular Tournament Registration: $20 per tournament
Late Tournament Registration: $40 per tournament

In addition to the registration fee, an event fee is required for each event the fencer registers.


Regular Event Fee: $50 per event
Late Event Fee: $100 per event

At-the-door Registration: Both the tournament and the event fee double.

EVENT Check-In time::

Saturday 02/22/2020:

1. Y14 ME @ 8:00 am
2. Y14 WE @ 10:00 am
3. Y10 ME @ 8:00 am
4. Y10 WE @ 10:00 am
5. JNR ME @ 2:00 pm
6. JNR WE @ 12:00 pm

Sunday 02/23/2020:

1. CDT ME @ 2:00 pm
2. CDT WE @ 12:00 pm
3. Y12 ME @ 8:00 am
4. Y12 WE @ 10:00 am
5. SNR ME @ 8:00 am
6. SNR WE @ 10:00 am

Preregistration closes on 02/20/2020.

Please make sure that the email address you have in askFred is a valid address, so that we may communicate with you if necessary. It is possible, that we may have to adjust the start time of the events depending on the number of entries.

If you are new to competitive fencing, you must have a USFA competitive membership in order to compete. Registration is online with USFA at: and complete the fencer’s profile on askFred to help event administration
The final top 8 fencers medal, there will be fence-off for 3rd place.

Please bring your USFA membership card and a government issued ID to verify your eligibility to fence in this event in case it is not yet verified by the USFA.

Competition Format:

One round of seeding pools with 100% promotion to direct elimination round.
Medals for the top 8 fencers, with tie on third place.