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12th Annual Mid-South Fencers' Club Grand Open Feb 8, 2020 - Feb 9, 2020
This is Mid-South Fencers' Club premier event each year, featuring some of the best fencers in the southeast!
Mid-South Fencers' Club: Durham, NC
posted 10/22/2019
More Info
Welcome to the 12th annual Mid-South Fencers' Club Grand Open! This is the Mid-South Fencers' Club premier event for the 2019-2020 season!


    Saturday, February 8th

    2:00 pm Div 1A Senior Men's Epee
    2:00 pm Div 1A Senior Women's Epee

    Sunday, February 9th

    9:00 am Div 1A Senior Men's Foil
    9:00 am Div 1A Senior Women's Foil

    11:30 am Div 1A Senior Men's Saber
    11:30 am Div 1A Senior Women's Saber

    1:30 pm Y14 Mixed Epee

Registration and Fees

  • Event fee is $40 per event, $30 for Mid-South members. In addition, fencers may bring an in-kind donation to the event for Urban Ministries of Durham for $10 off their registration. For more information, click here:

  • askFred registration will close midnight Friday before the event.

  • Times listed are close of check-in. Fencers should plan on arriving at the venue one hour prior to the start of the event to allow time to check-in and warm-up

  • If there are fewer than 6 fencers in each gendered event, the events will be combined.

Eligibility and Uniform Requirements

  • To calculate a fencer's age and eligibility, visit

  • Required Equipment

    • Full regulation equipment is required, including: fencing pants, plastrons, and long socks.

    • Electric equipment is available for day rental for $15 based on availibility.

Parent, Coach, and Spectator Agreement

    We request that all attendees of our tournaments read our Parent, Coach, and Spectator Agreement.

    Mid-South values creating a healthy sport environment for our fencers and recognizes building and maintaining a culture of positive sportsmanship requires cooperation among parents, coaches, and spectators as well as visiting families of opponents and their coaches. In order for fencers to grow as athletes, boundaries and guidelines must be set regarding the expectations of how parents, coaches and spectators will act.

    For the full text of our agreement, visit:

More Information

  • Contact

  • We can be reached by email at The club phone number is 919-286-3100. After hours, we can be reached at 919-800-7886.