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11th Annual Zombie Invitational Oct 19, 2019
Welcome to the 11th Annual Zombie Invitational! This is the oldest fencing event continuously held in Missoula.
Missoula Fencing Association: Missoula, MT
posted 09/28/2019
More Info
The Missoula Fencing Association presents: the 11th Annual Zombie Invitational!


9:00 am--Mixed Senior Epee

1:00 pm--Mixed Senior Foil

3:00 pm--Unrated Senior Mixed Epee

Zombie Saber will take place at some point throughout the day.

Registration and Fees

Times listed are close of check-in. Events will begin approximately 15 mins after close of check-in. You will not be allowed to check-in after close of check-in!

Registration is $15 plus $5 for each event. Zombie Saber is free.

Failure to preregister adds $10 to your registration fee.

Eligibility and Uniform Requirements

Full USFA regulation uniform is required, including underarm protector, knickers, and knee-length socks.

Current (2019-2020) USFA membership is required for all events EXCEPT Zombie Saber.

You may join the USFA or renew your membership at the tournament. Or, join the USFA online at

Zombie Saber Rules

One Touch Saber Event.

Head only. Body Cord will run from reel to saber and mask.

Single elimination, randomly chosen pairings.

Hosted by Missoula Fencing Association. For more information, visit

Questions can be directed to Missoula Fencing Association at