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Spooky Saber Spectacular Oct 27, 2019
Stamford Fencing's first club tournament for the 2019-20 season! If you PREREGISTER on this site: Fee is $40 for the first event, $20 for the second. If you DO NOT PREREGISTER on this site: Fee is $50 for the first event, $30 for the second.
Stamford Fencing Center: Stamford, CT
posted 09/25/2019
More Info
SFC will hold its first club tournament of the 2019-20 season on Sunday, October 27th! The "Spooky Saber Spectacular" is a great way for fencers to get in extra practice before the regional tournaments coming up in November, as well as for fencers new to the tournament circuit to see what a real competition is like.

The tournament will include the following events:
Y10 Mixed Saber @ 12:30pm
Y12 Mixed Saber @ 3:00pm
Y14 Mixed Saber @ 1:30pm

Please preregister your fencer to fence in this event. The event is open to both club and non-club members.

If you preregister for this tournament, the fee will be $40 for the first  event, additional events are $20.  If you do not preregister for this tournament, the fee will increase to $50 for the first event, additional events are $30 - NO EXCEPTIONS. Fees are payable by cash or check at the time of check-in. We will not accept payments by credit card, Paypal, Venmo, Zelle or via askfred.  

Note that the preregistration period ends the day before the tournament, on Saturday October 26th. No preregistration entries will be allowed after 11:59PM on this date.

Please BE ON TIME. This means that you should arrive at least one hour before the posted close of check-in. We will not hold bouts for you, as we are on a very tight schedule. Being on time also allows us to run timely tournaments, something that everyone appreciates!

To check-in, please bring your CURRENT USFA membership card (downloadable and printable from the USFA website). Your membership card must show a valid date of membership for this season, i.e. cards from previous seasons will not be allowed. 

In addition, if your USFA membership card does not indicate that the birth date has been verified, you must also bring proof of the date of birth (e.g. birth certificate or passport).  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to the proof of birth date rule.

Club members may borrow equipment from the club. However, it is advisable that fencers bring their own equipment. 

There will be no equipment check.  However, if your equipment is found to be faulty on the strip during a bout, you may be red-carded and your opponent awarded a point while you search for working equipment.  Therefore, please make sure that any equipment you use is in working condition - e.g. no dead spots, etc.  Please note that a lot of the club equipment has dead spots and would not pass inspection.

Please park in the lot behind the club building, or along the streets.

Note that Crandall Street is a two-way street, so it is not advisable to stay in the middle of the street longer than it takes to let your fencer QUICKLY get out of the car. Police also enforce parking rules, so make sure that your car, if parked on the street, is facing the right way.

Please also note that the first spot along the curb on Crandall Street is NOT a parking spot. Please do not park or wait there, as it makes it very difficult for other cars to turn onto the street and for cars to turn out of the street.  Parking authorities will ticket you if you idle or park in this spot.

In the past, people have parked in the Taco Bell lot, but we do not assume any responsibility if you are ticketed or towed.

The parking lot across the street belongs to Riley Auto and is not open to our use.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask Coach Alex, Coach Oleg, or Linda.