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6th Annual Winter is Coming Oct 20, 2019
6th Annual Winter is Coming ---------- EVENT SCHEDULE AND INFORMATION ---------- Sunday October 20, 2019 Mixed Foil 10:00am
UND Hyslop Sports Center : Grand Forks, ND
posted 09/25/2019
More Info
6th Annual Winter is Coming
Sunday October 20, 2019
Mixed Foil 10:00am

* Registration for foil closes at 10:00am
Events Scheduled: Mixed Foil

* Please arrive early, so that you can:
1. Check in
2. Sign a waiver
3. Get your mask checked
4. Warm up
5. Get started shortly after registration closes

* The UND Fencing Club in Grand Forks, ND is proud to sponsor this open fencing tournament.
* Friends and family and spectators are welcome!
* We will be running on a strict schedule, so your promptness is much appreciated.
* A waiver must be signed by all participants during check-in.
* All events will be fenced as a single round of pools with 100% promoted to direct-elimination
* There will be no fence-off for third place.
* This fencing event is open to everyone, and no membership of any kind is required.
* This event is meant to bring fencers together for a fun introduction to competitive, electric foil fencing.

---------- VENUE INFORMATION ----------

The tournament will be held at:

University of North Dakota Hyslop Sports Center, Room 209
2751 2nd Avenue North, Grand Forks, ND 58203

* Park in the parking garage to the North of the Hyslop Sports Center or in the ‘A’ zone only parking to the East of Hyslop.

---------- REGISTRATION INFORMATION ----------

Entry fee is $10.00.

* Preregistration for this event on askFRED is appreciated but not required.
* You can preregister for this event by clicking on the link above.
* Or you can register for the event on site that day.

---------- TOURNAMENT RULES ----------
* This is a non-USFA fencing tournament.
* Fencing uniform is required, including regulation mask, jacket, lame, glove, and non-marking shoes.
* MASKS: A mask with a lame bib is NOT required.
* MASKS: Fencers may wear masks that have a lame bib, but they may not use tape to cover the conductive part of the bib (for safety reasons).
* MASKS: A Leon Paul Contour Fit Plus mask with a fully-functional horizontal back elastic strap does NOT also need to have a horizontal non-elastic strap at this time.
* LAMES: Names and countries are NOT required on the backs of lames.
* Bouts will be self-refereed (i.e. experienced fencers who are not fencing at the time, and who are comfortable with refereeing may referee bouts).

---------- PRIZES----------

* Medals will be awarded to the top 4 finalists in both of two separate divisions, for foil.

---------- EQUIPMENT CHECK ----------

* Please arrive early to allow time for equipment checks.
* Mask inspections and punch tests will be conducted during check-in.

---------- FOR MORE INFORMATION ----------

* Please contact Clay Willoughby @ 2.1.8 or claywilloughby@gmail(dot)com
* UND Fencing Club
* The North Dakota Fencing Association is a non-profit organization.

The mission of the North Dakota Fencing Association is to support and promote the art and sport of fencing in North Dakota.